In a can't-help-but-smile new music video by singer/songwriter Kat Edmonson, intentions are set forth one-by-one, hand-scrawled and held proudly aloft on makeshift cardboard banners. A short-order cook seeks to "include everyone." A young boy whose smile betrays a missing tooth says he'll "make friends with the world." A woman kneels in her garden with a sign saying she'll "support small farms." The song's title? As Gandhi expressed before her and the Austin, Texas-based Edmonson now sings, "Be the Change That You Want to See."


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  • Don Brennecke

    PLEASE stop watering St. Augustine [water-hog sponge grass] and leave enough for ALL people everywhere to drink safe, fresh water! THANK YOU!! Water is tomorrow's oil - scarce!!!!

  • choclet pi

    I think mine would be ' Make education inspirational'.

  • choclet pi

    Great song. Could listen to it every day. I also liked the other songs on her myspace page.

  • Ellen

    Wow, I love it! Thanks for sharing this, I copied it to my own blog ( Thanks for sharing, it really got be thinking: what would be on my own banner??

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  • Change the world by changing yourself: check out these specific and highly doable ideas for "being the change."
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