A film by Hailey Bartholomew.

Filmmaker and photographer Hailey Bartholomew recently moved to the beach and decided to test her theory that "what we see mainly depends on what we look for." In three weeks of walking the beach every couple of days, she and her family and friends found 352 heart rocks! In this sweet video, made on a shoestring budget (filmed on an iPhone and edited in iMovie), Hailey concludes that "If we choose to look for something beautiful in the people around us, we will find it."


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  • Sapna

    Thank you for reminding me I get what I look for Powerful message conveyed beautifully

  • Rachael

    What a beautiful inspiring video. I too have been collecting hearts in nature and believe also that you find what you are looking for, by paying attention. What is the name of the song you have playing in the background? I absolutely love it! 💙

  • Mary

    I have experience this so often in my life that I am surprised I don't use it more often for stuff that makes me feel really lit-up and energized! Hailey has done a wonderful job putting this practice into our visual memory! Thank you so very much!

  • silvia

    Besides agreeing with and feeling empowered by the message that "what we see mainly depends on what we look for" ... I love heart rocks and how they find a way to find me!!

  • Kim

    I have a heart rock collection too and feel that each find is a gift and the sense of creative discovery in finding them a joy! Thank you for the delightful video!

  • Kiki Chavez

    I remembered reading a poem about shiny pennies. When my husband was dying I asked him to place some on earth for me after his death to make me feel warm inside. The first time I left the house after his death I found one on my car seat, after shopping there was one on the ground in front of the driver's door. It has been 5 years and I have found over a thousand shiny pennies. the last 2 were a week ago. I was on vacation in the Ozarks, staying in the same room where we always stayed and there was a shiny penny on the floor next to the bed. I believe you find what you seek. Always be aware.

  • tasneem

    i am gonna do this hailey! thank you for inspiring us

  • Mindy

    Fun and light-"hearted" video! So very true. Our perception shapes our universe. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Andres

    I love the video and the fact that the simple things are often the best things in life, is priceless thanks.

  • Loni

    How often I forget this....Thank you for a beautiful reminder!

  • Carolyn

    Thanks Hailey - love the concept and the music. Happy holidays.

  • Geoff

    Thanks Hailey - a great uplifting video with a straight forward message - what you look for, you will find :)

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. Yup, gratitude is the greener side...if we look for hearts...we'll find hearts...good for them...peace through Beach Heart search/strolls...1

  • Paul

    This feels deeply true - and strangely hard to do - why is that?

  • Mariyam

    Loved this!!!! thankyou for sharing!

  • Rita

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! thank you for making it. 2 years ago, I challenged the people in my life to look for love everywhere they go. the results have been amazing. people just keep sending me stuff. it's awesome! I have almost 300 photos in an album from all over the world where people have found it. here's the link to share. I love your experiment AND I believe what you say to be true. What we look for is what we find. https://www.facebook.com/Cinderita/media_set?set=a.10150375949030335.604224.858740334&type=1

  • Ganesh

    It's always so Much of what you see Depends on much of what you look for. Thanks fr sharing it in this movie form

  • Merkaba

    I have shelves, drawers, boxes full of heart rocks too!!!!!!!!!!!! You really found some GREAT ones!!!!!!! Love is what its all made of!

  • billkis

    wonderful video, reminds you to always look for positives in life and enjoy what you can and share with pople your love of life. thanks for sharing

  • Pat

    living with intention (rather than unconscious or unaware)makes life YOUR LIFE!!

  • Sandi


  • tracey

    it's so true. i vacation every year at the beach and come home with so many heart rocks and shells to share. I also find them when i am hiking the trails of north carloina. On the trails, in the rivers, just about anywhere. i too believe it is because i believe in love! i LOVE the idea of looking for squares, but i challenge everyone to find triangles too. i found a perfect piece of sea glass in the shape of a triangle. fun...fun...fun

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    LOVE. Thank you so much for illuminating the LOVE that is EVERYWHERE around us. Let us all seek to SEE it. Hug from my heart to yours. Resonated so much with this. Of course I am a Free HUGGER and a Storyteller who focuses on stories of hope, resilience and overcoming adversity, so it makes sense that I would LOVE this video. GREAT job Hailey, thank you for sharing your Heart!

  • Vanessa Fawcett

    It reaffirmed my certainty that we all generate our own happiness and fortune and that by being grateful for these small wonders we blossom with good health and vitality x

  • vanessa

    I live near the beach and completely agree, Its such a lovely little heart warming video and brought a huge smile to my face so I'm sharing it with as many people as I can! Thank you x

  • Sue

    I found a beautiful heart stone whilst out walking with my dogs, it was just after my mum had passed on. I knew it was from her :)

  • Giselle

    The best things in life are the simple ones =)

  • Joanita

    I loved how simple this thought is. And the heart that went into it, all that love. I have a whole bunch of hearts - in eggs, leaves, patches on walls, and even inside a ladyfinger :) Thank you Hailey for sharing this. much love.

  • Sethi

    Thank you , Awesome and beautiful . We find whatever we want , when it is from the core of our being .

  • Cheryl Driscoll

    What inspired you about this video? My family and I collect heart stones too. As in your story, they seem to pop up out of no where. I started collecting them in memory of my Mom, who I adored and was one of my bestest ever friends. Then they were for my husband of 43 years who is very ill. And my daughters Jane and Robyn. And my grandchildren. And my dog. And well, everyone and everything I love. So when I was lonely or scared or grieving or missing my loves, there would pop up a heart rock or a piece of heart shaped driftwood to remind me that love is all around, ever and always.

  • Debra Shawcross Farmer

    AWESOMEness... I LOVE this video.. made me SMILE :) THANK YOU .. I am a Finder of HEARTs too and Believe exactly what you do ... <3 Deb

  • Stephanie

    I have hundreds of heart rocks and photos of hearts that just appear in nature. I call them God's love Notes. Signs that God was there first loving us into existence and enjoying nature with us. I have to show this video at church. It is so me!

  • Marsha

    This is how my parking space luck goes as well. This is a sweet video. I am grateful to you for sharing your belief system with the world, we all need a nudge once in awhile.

  • Ghita

    Thoughts shape our reality

  • Brigitte

    Loved this little video, including husband and children...but what inspired me was Hailey's conclusion, simply beautiful...

  • Theresa

    Amazing, to find that many heart rocks because you want to find them. My lesson from this is to look for positive things in life and from your'e video it should happen - thank you.

  • Ellie

    the gorgeousness of a sparkling Summer day by the water's edge, so gently depicted is very up-lifting. It totally wiped out the fog-ridden gloom that hung over my area ALL DAY today. Brava for a lovely black and white poem.

  • sarah

    i loved the simplicity, the sweetness, the folksiness that encapsulates a grand universal truth. i am inspired to make a little movie of my own!

  • Christina

    the reliavance of the shape of the heart

  • Ute Arnold

    I love the lightheartedness/loveheartedness, the heart of the hard

  • barb

    I LOVE Hailey's outlook and especially her quote ""what we see mainly depends on what we look for." WOW!

  • Kim

    This is super cute, I love your work.

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