In this interview at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, Nipun Mehta, the founder of ServiceSpace, explores the nuances of what it means to serve. His talk affords a glimpse of various ServiceSpace projects like KarmaTube, DailyGood, Karma Kitchen, and more. Karma Kitchen works on an intriguing pay-it-forward basis. When patrons are done eating, the bill arrives with a total of $0.00, and a brief explanation of how someone beforehand has made a gift of this meal; patrons are trusted to keep the chain of kindness going and continue to pay it forward for future diners. Nipun maintains that in this era rather than putting heroes on pedestals, its vital that everyone become ‘everyday Gandhis.’ Service doesn't have to be some big, grandiose thing – you can hold open a door, pay someone’s toll, or just be a good listener. All these small, every day activities come from a place of love, and ultimately serve humanity as a whole by breaking down the boundaries between one another, and having faith in the goodness of others. If we all reach out with acts of kindness, the world will be a much better place.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you Nipun, I start every day with Daily Good, love karma tube and have shared both with countless others, who also now Love what you started. I feel blessed to be on the core volunteer team and volunteer monthly with Karma Kitchen DC, love Karma Tube. And feel super blessed that I had the opportunity to meet you there and hug you in person. Thank you for your beautiful bright light!

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Am eternally grateful to Nipun as he had been my mentor and instrumental in transforming my life nearly ten years ago and have been following in his footsteps silently without he being aware of it .

  • Mish

    Thanks to Nipun sparking the Light in others, lives have been transformed and the "kindness revolution" is changing our world one kind act at a time. Deep gratitudes.

  • Rachael Denny

    A better world is possible....and we can all be a part of it.

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    It is the only way we can change the world. Thank you Nipun. If there is someone you think would benefit from a spiritual retreat in a magical place it is my gift to

  • Jane Jackson

    It makes me smile in gratefulness for the existence of Nipun's light in the world and how he encourages everyone else to be light to the world. Thank you!

  • Parag Shah

    You inspire me to be a better Human being! What a gift !!!!

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  • Learn more about ServiceSpace's different projects and initiatives.
  • Watch this inspiring talk by Nipun Mehta about Creating Social Change Without Money.
  • Pick one act of service you can practice doing this month on a daily basis. Keep a journal about how your experience goes and how it is not only helping others, but changing you.

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