Scott Wade is the Da Vinci of dirt. The artist from Wimberly, Texas loves nothing better than a dirty car. With brushes and other tools, he creates amazingly detailed images in the window dust of his car. The range of tones and detail create the look of charcoal on paper. That is, until it rains. But for Wade, the short life span of his work just adds to its power.


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  • Ron

    Being a fomer teacher, I love the possibility that an art teacher, could, with the permission of other teachers, take a class t the parking lot for a really neat project. MMMMMmmmmmm!

  • joseph

    my word, what an inspireing video. videos like these should be be shown to primary school children once a day meta x

  • noni

    totalna karanana

  • A. Welch

    Hi, enjoyed your work, I paint in oils and thought your idea was amazing! Much more fun than just putting WASH ME..on a dirty window.

  • Prasad

    very thoughtful and meaningful video. It allows us to get out of guilt, pride and shame (personal GPS system, created thanks to strong social influence on us) and become creative and learn to enjoy what is present. To top it all, the concept of impermanence and enjoying what we have when we have ... Great video thank you.

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  • View details of Scott's work on the website or send him a note of gratitude.

  • Learn about the Tibetan art of Sand Mandala, which are never preserved.  Reflect on the value of impermanance.

  • Practice anonymous acts of kindness and joy in your life.

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