"I sometimes feel like an alien creature, for which there is no earthly explanation," begins Woody Harrelson's introspective poem. "I feel like a run-on sentence in a punctuation-crazy world." This spoken-word piece is brought to life in video with arresting images of the contemporary dilemma, where norms and meaning are dictated by unnatural forces seemingly beyond the control of our individual lives. We have come too far in a direction that has removed us from ourselves. Mr. Harrelson calls for a return to an ethos of caring and belonging that was "pre-us."


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  • Alberto

    I believe the next step in human evolution is awakening. Human spirit is bright.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Be encouraged Woody...cool flowz Brotha...enlightened perspective...peace is an absence of confusion, travel in harmony...1worldpeace

  • Penny

    Woody has the opportunity that comes with celebrity status to help us be focused on making the world a better place. The poetry of his words and the photos inspire me to do something to make the world a better place; one thing every day, maybe small, maybe incremental, but always a piece added to what others are doing. Together we make change that grows.

  • Christina-Elizabeth

    That is quite alluring and gives you a soul finding decision with the man that is sitting on the ground almost praying

  • Sonny

    True story - I asked a rligious man,Do you drink beer? He replied No. Why is that I asked - is it because you dont like alcahol or is it because of your religious beliefe. The man replied - I just dont like it but mostly because of my religion. Fair enough I said - but you own a Liquor Store? Yes he said with a grin on his face. What is your religion? he asked, I said " Aliens" WHAT? he asked - I said I know but its safe dont you think?? Revolution starts with us dont you think? but I do like Woody's thought!!!!!!

  • Solis Lujan

    That there are other people on this planet that are on the same wave length. We are here together, one people, one planet, one love.....

  • Helen

    Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. Judgmental much? Bitterness in so unbecoming. Thank you, Woody, for caring and for articulating that caring so eloquently. We love you.

  • Becky

    You cannot evoke change until you recognize that there is a problem. I think Woody has expressed the problem - Thanks Woody.

  • Rebecca

    Woody should not be judged because he is wealthy (referencing a previous comment). He is awakened and aware. He realizes something is terribly wrong and he is stating it. Poets and actors cannot NOT express themselves. Our world problems are way large and extremely complicated with many layers, but speaking out for purity and awareness should never be disdained, especially from the well-known and wealthy, because he could have more influence. I believe Woody is extraordinarily sincere and I applaud him.

  • Nancy

    Woody, Woody, Woody. What are you doing here with nothing possitive to say…...Are you just trying to sound clever rhyming about what most of us here already know. Must be nice to sit under a tree and think while being protected from the unwashed masses by your gated/locked Malibu Colony community where you share your lovely life with the ultra rich on Malibu beach. Are you really part of the solution?

  • Dr Abbas Raza

    To have inner-self awareness and caring others in line with this spirit is an asset to one's life.

  • Lisa

    I like Woody Harrelson alot.

  • Heidyclaire

    The first step is awareness and you cannot change until you accept what is. Still people need to be awakened to what is happening so they can change it. Keep your good thoughts people on the solutions and the good in the world -- and let those who are reaching people (woody harrelson) to boost awareness. Peace on !

  • Laurie

    Go, Woody! Nice! Loved the images and writing!

  • Jan Bernakevitch

    Just a quick correction to my posting, I typed Daily News and meant to type Daily Good. So please keep the good news coming, we all need as much of it as possible.

  • Jan Bernakevitch

    Some valid ideas and I get what Mr Harrelson is saying, but its been said again and again without an offer of a realistic solution. I have to say that I am a little disappointed that he has been featured on Daily Good. While I am not proposing that we all play ostrich and bury our heads in the sand about what is happening in the world I am asking Daily Good to keep things positive. The news of what is wrong with the world is all around us and there is an abundance of sources to support that, the Daily News is a respite from all that and I believe that we need a place to go from time to time to exhale and be reminded that there is good in the world.

  • Sher

    Woody, this is wonderful, insightful and right on in my mind. In my heart I long for the same things. Well said and I hope to see more of your excellent writing!

  • M Ryan Taylor

    Silly, trite waste of time, and hardly inspiring. I subscribe to dailygood for inspiration, not to hear platitudes on what's wrong with the world. There is so much right in the world, so much good. If I wanted a list of wrongs, I'd just turn on the negative obsessed nightly news.

  • navin sata

    we are all part of problem at the same time we can be part of solution,in the humanity of our world we all can add our service as our human duty positive karma every drop counts,second part of this video we all are part of it and make this world more positive,kind and caring to each other always love navin

  • Shirley F.

    Woody, you think zactly like me. Now, what I do with that is make each day in my world better. I volunteer, something poor JFK suggested that we do. Involve and evolve.

  • Laura

    Thought provoking. Simple demonstration of how far off we are as a society. Thanks Woody!

  • Cmswaz

    Everything inspired me. Woody is sharing much needed thoughts we all need to listen to. Our earth is changing so rapidly, we need words like these to remind us of what is truly happening now. I will think about this video on and off today, and hopefully make a committment to take a small piece of it and change something for the earth's improvement. Humans, they need to be reminded everyday of this, might take me a few more viewings to do something, I am now conscious of it.

  • mark

    Mr. Harrelson's remarks are rife with tired cliches. He should proffer solutions instead of taking the easy way out. This is not valid art nor anything new.

  • BrendaLee

    Natural Realism Honest Humanity . I wish you enough <3 BrendaLee

  • Jagdish P Dave

    Awareness of how we have misused and are still misusing our intelligence, creativity, natural and human resources. Awareness of how we are getting more and more disconnected with ourselves, within ourselves and between ourselves. Learning how to be with oneself, with others and with nature. Introspection, contemplation, reflection, mediation, expression and sharing-powerful tools of evolution and transformation. Thanks for sharing your powerful introspections. Jagdish P Dave

  • Carol

    I am not a person of words but that video touched something very deep within me.

  • Lucinda

    I'm inspired to face everything, turn away from nothing, as we square our shoulders and together stand for creating heaven on earth once again...not back then, but going forward.

  • Alicia

    Wow. As I watched this! it made me turn off the TV. Powerful. Simplistic. Mr. Harrelson, why aren't you in office? Well done.

  • Thiagarajan TVS

    We are all ignorant of true nature of ourselves. Our whole life is orchestrated by the unseen force within each one of us. What we omitted to learn all through our life is that we are all three-segment being " Body, mind and soul" ( spirit, God, Nature). We catered to the needs of the body more than to those of our soul. Controlling the mind is primordial to seek the guidance of our soul. Control of mind demands disciplines in our daily life. Did not Jesus Christ say: "The Kingdom of God is within you"! What does it mean? How do we find the Kingdom of God within us? Is there a a particular way? Or are there different ways? How long does it take to reach Him? In the context of current global warming, finding God within us is a necessity. It is no longer an option for anyone in the world!

  • Vassa

    Heart-wrenching Truth. Where do we go. Where can we live this way. I have lived loving all the universe gives. Thoughts of "we are all in this together and why not treat one another this way". I have walked in good character. I have shared and dared to be brave in uncharted places. Do you have a map? Do you want help? Where? When? How? I want to take more action. I want to bring more reaction from my level of energy. I want to end this toxicity. IyaV

  • A. L Pisani

    The lyrical simplicity, & it confronts me with the paradox of my relative being... Well executed too. Thank you.

  • Jeannie

    He touches on all the major issues that we need to face and deal with to change this world we live in. Very beautifully articulated. Thank you.

  • Esther

    Well done. Articulates my own thoughts and feelings. Covers some of same material from the documentary called 'Ethos' that he narrated. Touches on the meta-conspiracy which has warped the American dream without actually calling it that.

  • Dave

    Woody for president wait hes not a puppet just another pawn move forward n take that queen lil pawn everyone knows an ant cant move a rubber tree plant

  • Marilee

    Reminds me of the beat poets of the 1950s. Especially with the music tracks that were selected. Liked it!

  • John Malcomson

    This not only explains Woody, it encourages us all to be authentic and live in connection to the earth and each other.

  • Verona Fonte

    Nice Woody, The message, text, images and cadence work. Thanks from a digital media artist

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