We all know it feels nice to give. But how many of us would give away a sudden windfall, particularly if it meant foregoing some luxuries that you'd never dreamed possible? This lovely little film by Naik Foundation, set in rural India, illustrates just how fun generosity can be when done with sensitivity, spontaneity, and stealth.


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  • ajeet

    true meaning of happiness

  • Teria

    The joy on the little boy's face was worth a thousand words. Such joy!

  • j whiteney

    When kindness is done simply for the act of kindness then the rewards are endless. I have changed from a man who's done time to one who practices kindness for the sake of kindness. "OUR LIFE depends on other so do not weigh them down." Buddha- -My belief is simple my belief is love

  • roselyne

    really nice giving without waiting something .....

  • Wendell

    If you are going to get away with something, something deliciously mischievous, this kind of thing has got to be the best.

  • Sb

    its a pity, that you have breached copyright by copying a nice video without giving due credits to the producer of the video, and edited the video to make it your own.

  • Carolyn...

    When you are able to give something without revealing that it was you - that is a true gift.

  • sudhir

    Great video , if we all do in small way a difference like this , the world will be so beautiful to stay long years.

  • carrie

    What inspired you about this video? Lets not forget where the child got his inspiration - perhaps from the elder woman who did not scold the boy with the ball.

  • Carrie

    I spent time in rural India (1971) and the Ox cart and the tea stand, all the video brought wonderful memories. Is it based on a true story?

  • G Narayana

    The joy of giving is multiplied immensely when done absolutely without any expectations.

  • Atul

    You get more happiness while giving it to others..... giving does not hurt... in fact, it brings smile on your face.

  • Finbarr

    Makes you appreciate ..less is more Giving without the need for something tangible in return is inwardly very rewarding An truly touching video clip Thank you

  • yvonne

    We can all give something even if we have no money. A smile and a'Hello' to a stranger. This is lovely, it should be shown in every school,and in-between adverts on TV Offering to quietly listen to a lonely person as their words tumble out.Holding out a helping hand, before being asked I believe if you have love in your being then just by showing and sharing pure love is powerful to both the receiver as well as the giver

  • Krishna

    Very inspiring. The joy of sharing perfectly depicted. Can someone please tell me how to download this.

  • Kristi

    What I see in this video is so hopeful! If we could all be so kind and without anger towards others, it could change our world. I also see this as practicing indespensibility-everyone in the story had a role and was actively engaged in living in community. Every soul was important.

  • Kris

    It's About Love!!

  • Arlene

    the joy and smiles of the boy thanks for sharing

  • Kristin Knoeppel

    Actually Sved, kids do actually do things like this, I have seen it so many times, maybe you haven't seen it in your cynical world, you are not looking for anything by cynicism it seems, if you look you see it, as simple as that. You see what you expect to see.

  • Kendra Pal Singh CHAUHAN

    Very nice massage.

  • Veena BY

    Giving gives joy needs to spread the message

  • radha

    very touching can feel the satisfaction of giving

  • bharti

    Giving is receiving. Just look at the smile of that child who donates. And the amazing music!

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    We live and learn often

  • Rahul

    Good One....

  • Merv Pillay

    Forgoing the boys own desires, to meet the need or circumstances at that point in time and in doing so makes the giver and receiver both very happy.

  • Sethi

    Thank you , Awesome . Child is the father of man .

  • Steve MacMillan

    In a few words, the natural process of 'Cause and Effect'. The human processes of kindness and compassion can and do infect humanity with positive influences. Who for instance, in sane mind and an open heart would exchange these human processes with cruelty and cold-heartedness. Good job. Keep up the good work !

  • Mohandas

    Yes, even if it is so little, the kindness and innocence in the child is wonderful. Let we elders learn from these children.

  • Jiff Moose

    A message from the Real world... Hallelujah! And, Happy New Year...

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    kindness begets kindness! <3

  • pat

    Wonderful to "see" him pondering....and even better to give without needing recognition or "thanks"....

  • M.V.Mohan

    That 'smile' on the boy's face after 'giving the gift', is worth a Million Dollars !

  • Dharma

    The human potential...children are born so beautiful! I agree, the giving/serving of others with no thought about the return is who we are when not 'lost.' His smile says it all!

  • CJ

    The smile on the boy's face as he walks away! And Sved, even bigger kids do this. After a bad ice storm, I was out trying to dig my car out from the sheath of ice that encased it. Two young men (appeared to be mid-teens) told me to sit in the car to stay warm while they cleared the car... wouldn't take a cent for it.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. Keep the hope...giving and loving...be aware of yourself. We need y'all well, and happy too...while a lot of the city is on the rat race grind, we have to remember that the Pink People, Purple People, and all those who believe in truth which is God is love, are part of an eternal message that will help the Planet survive the profit motives...I still love the story about the Thai farmer "Life is Easy"...and the man who lived in the fishing village who taught the business man how rich his life was as a Fisherman, and musician...keep teaching...keep believing...peace...1

  • Roger

    Hi Sved, sorry to disagree but it's only kids that would do exactly that! Beneath their outward appearance of giving each other grief they have hearts of gold. You only have to spend time with them to this unselfish action in operation very day.

  • Chaim

    The accompanying music is wonderful. Can anyone tell me what that song is?

  • Prajna

    The potential for all of us to initiate a cycle of giving without expectation! Thank you so much for this beautiful film.

  • sved

    nice story but very unrealistic, kids do not do that kind of stuff.

  • Josh Drewien

    doing something without expecting a repayment is Key

  • Nimish N Purohit

    It's just so touching!! Loved it.

  • Avigdor Beker

    ♥ 2014 - Make a Difference ♥ Angels are all around...and you can be one. Take a stand...and Make a Difference... Together we can make a better world.

  • Tejal

    Touched my heart - the spontaneity of Giving and Loving

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