Native American leader, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, says, "Humanity must shift from living on the Earth to living with her." If we accept that the Earth is a living being, can we also accept that it is in our capacity to destroy it? In "Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth", scientists and spiritual leaders of diverse faiths come together to show us how we can transform our relationship with this sacred Earth so that we are living in harmony. The collection of essays in this book offer a response to the values and socio-political structures of recent centuries with their trajectory away from intimacy with the Earth and its sacred essence. This trailer gives an eye opening glimpse into the reflections and wisdom offered by these inspiring leaders.


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  • Harish

    Impressed that there is an awareness about disruption and destruction of ecology within small scatterred groups. Hope is that, as in nature, this concept has plenty of energy to help the nucleated centers undergo growth so they all coalesce to cover the earth.

  • Katrina Kellner

    A reminder why I started on the journey of helping my community realize ways in which they could help heal the planet through unity. Someday's I get so caught up in the process I forget what the end result of my efforts was intended for. This video reminds of me of that goal and affirms that I am not alone in my hearts desire to heal the earth.

  • Melissa George

    Touching and validating! As I science teacher I am continually baffled that teaching about the environment is so downplayed among people making decisions about curriculum. All this talk about STEM, but no talk about using it to solve an overarching crisis in respecting the Earth and its gifts to us.

  • Julie Steck

    The earth is alive and we are killing her. We all need to help her survive.

  • Pete Hamrol

    My belief that the entire universe is a living being ...

  • Annamaria

    A deep love and profound respect for this planet and all life living here. We are all connected. Awaken mankind and take responsibility for the wellbeing of OUR HOME!

  • lyn

    Everything so well said, this will deeply resonate in my soul. Thank you

  • Chuck Castro

    The inherent truth is the thread that runs through all these comments. Change or perish by your own hand is the path before us.

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  • Read Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth to gain deep insights from environmental and spiritual leaders about the sacredness of this Earth and why we must transform our relationship with her.
  • For another heart opening perspective of the Earth as a living being, watch "The Overview Effect" and share it with someone at work or in school.
  • One night this week, spend some time gazing at the night sky and the moon. This will serve as a beautiful reminder that we exist on a living planet that we must respect and care for together.

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