A film by Oceanna Colgan and Green Shoe Studio.

It didn't exactly conform to the rules of the online video contest for up-and-coming singer/songwriters, but when producer Jacob Colgan received 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh's handwritten lyrics in a mania envelope, it was an entry he couldn't ignore. Fred penned the song "Oh Sweet Lorraine" in memory of his recently departed wife of 72 years; but, as his letter to the studio said, "I don't sing. It would scare people." See how Jacob helped bring Fred's words to the ears of the world.


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  • Andy

    Such a genuine act of kindness and display of big heart by Jacob and Green Shoe Studio & staff. I recently lost my 99 year old grandma and i know how memories linger and how much she cherished that! Way to go for giving Fred the best gift anyone can give to soothe away the pain. thank you Fred for sharing your beautiful story and thank you Jacob and Co.

  • Patricia

    It's such a blessing to find a love like they had. Is there another way to help Fred?

  • yvonne

    Made me flipping cry, Such tenderness and love, Also love from you all that helped make Fred's record. Although I would have loved to have been able to have the same love and tenderness both Fred and his Lorraine shared, I know I would not have survived had I lost it as he has. Maybe its better that I have not had and lost such love.Loads of love and warm hugs to both Fred and you all

  • Connie

    Freds heart and spirit touched mine! Memories are there but not their presence. Made many tears in the early morning for me. Thank you for taking such loving care of Fred.

  • Marc Roth

    I'm buying this song on iTunes, but I have to say Fred I'm so jealous of you.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you Green Shoe Studio for bringing Fred's Beautiful song and story to life. This is what it's all about; helping each other, reaching out, listening, sharing our stories whether in word or song. Big HUGS to you both. You are making a difference and your kindness and generosity will inspire countless others. <3

  • Connie

    That love can last forever and when its real it can light up many other lifes.

  • Vee

    A love like that is so rare. I thank God for the kindness he placed in Jacob's heart. Be blessed Fred and Jacob.

  • carol

    I am touched that you, Jacob, thought to bring this song of Fred's to LIFE... its such a random act of kindness that now so many more get to share in this man's love of his wife. Im sending this on to friends to watch too.

  • Jilly

    This was super awesome and touched me as much as anything could. God bless you for paying it forward .

  • Susann

    Thank you Jacob, and Green Shoe Studio, for your good hearts in bringing these words to life for Fred and making his lyrics into a really lovely song. It warmed my heart.

  • Martha

    Those folks at Green Shoe are amazing. Too many young people don't respect our elders any more. Certainly brought tears to my eyes!

  • Sara

    All of it!!!! Absolutely all of it!!! In this day & age of throw-away thinking, it's such a blessing to know that some things really do last a life time, if we only let them & nourish them. Blessings to everyone involved.

  • ZB

    Green Shoe did a wonder-full act of kindness with/for Fred by recording his song. To encourage the elderly to pen songs about their lives, their loves and losses, successes---maybe something for assisted living "coaches" to consider. Truly wonderful.

  • david

    today i was simply searching for a good news story basically just to make myself feel better because I felt bad. This story of love and caring for others did the trick What a great message! thankyou Fred and Jacob

  • Valerie Bauer

    The genuine love expressed by Fred for his bride of 72 years is heart warming and the sharing of it makes others like myself feel the love generated out of Fred's heart inspire us to greater awareness of the endless possibilities love creates in all of us.

  • John

    There are untold millions of songs waiting for pen and paper, for a chance to be let loose on the senses and emotions of those prepared to hear. Thank you for bringing music to us that may otherwise have remained silent.

  • victor ramos plascencia

    Wonderful and inspiring the love story and not less touching the solidarity of Jacob. Where may I get the written Lyrics?

  • Claire

    Can't see the link to iTunes to purchase the song. (The video says it will be in the description, but not there.) It says to support Fred; do you both get some income from my purchase?

  • Carmen

    Incredible story. This broke my heart and mended it back up again in one fell swoop.

  • Laurette

    What an incredible service you provide not only for your community but for many! Thank you SO much for sharing-- moved me to tears. Thank you so much for putting this together... makes us all appreciate life-- carpe diem!

  • Robert

    Thank you Green Shoe Studio for spreading the joy. Bless you all.

  • loretta

    Tears as an expression of never ending love

  • Jagdish P Dave

    I recently lost my wife after spending 60 hers together. The film and the song and watching Fred brought tees in my eyes and made me feel connected with Fred and his wife on a very deep level. T appreciate the gift that Oceanna Colgan and Green Shoe Studio gave to Fred and to all of us. They received the priceless gift from Fred and shared it with him and with thousands of us. Blessings. Jagdish P Dave

  • Joseph

    The inter-generational collaboration is touching to me as well. I admire each of these men, Jacob and Fred, for their courage to enter new territory and their presence of heart to celebrate what really matters in life. Thank you.

  • Jiyun

    Deeply touched! This is love. Thank you for the beautiful gift you brought to me (us).

  • Margie

    Three things: First, Fred's deep, authentic expression of sentiment and appreciation for his wife and their 75 years together. Second, Green Shoe Studio's mission—"to change our community one dream at a time." Third, Jacob's actions to align with his mission…his kindness, generosity and artistic collaboration.

  • Beth

    It's easy to get caught up in emotions with the ones that we love but watching this makes it really hard to stay angry. Fred's unconditional LOVE for Lorraine shines through so clearly in this story. With this video, he shares with us what is most important. I am sure that he and Lorraine had moments where they disagreed but LOVE trumps ALL! What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Linda

    Oh How Sweet, I am in tears very touching and heart warming. It has truly inspired me to Live, Love, Laugh more with my Husband, Daughter, Family and Friends. Lord knows Life Is Sweet,,,,,

  • Martina

    I'm moved by the deep love Fred and his wife Lorraine shared for so many years. I'm even more touched and inspired by Fred's actions and deep caring. He opened himself up to the story and created a beautiful space for all of us to partake in this story. Thank you.

  • Kristin

    So beautiful on so many levels!! I just bought the song and look forward to listening to it for many years to come. Thank you!!

  • Yasmin

    That the young studio staff, were instantly moved to make the lyrics into a song to honor Fred's feelings, that itself is also beautiful!

  • Cheryl

    It was such a beautiful song and collaboration. It touched me in so many ways. My dad died several years ago at the age of 70. My parents had 45 years together. This song made me think how much my Mom probably misses my Dad. I say "probably" because she keeps so much to herself. There were up and down times for all of us. But we miss him.

  • Stuart Young

    What inspires me about this is it shows that we're never too old to achieve something - as long as we have the right motivation. Beautiful.

  • Pat

    Fred wrote words of love to honor his wife. After 72 years of marriage, he indicated he LOVED her...not just spent time being married. Putting his words to music was a beautiful gift back to Fred to help him honor the woman he loved and to help him grieve. Thank you Green Shoe Studio!

  • Karen Romito

    Oh my goodness. It took me a few minutes to wipe my face in order to type! How blessed and precious is the love Jacob shared and added to Fred's and Lorraine's legacy of their life together. Just lost my dad, he and mom were married 65 years. This is a testament to wonderful people and a blessing to all who appreciate it. Thank you.

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