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“Food is just a means of getting closer to people.” Watching a child rummage in the garbage to drink melted ice from a discarded plastic sack spurred Mavis Ching to do something. Touch A Life prepares lunches for local kids and Saturday deliveries to their families in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Mother Teresa said: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.” Touch A Life agrees, and uses a meal as a happy and practical way to reach out to give hugs and attention to over 150 hungry kids and their families.


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  • Keith Rowdymac

    How refreshing, apart from a mention of mother Teresa there's nothing about religion. I abhor the tying of religion to acceptance of help

  • Ayyappan

    I really felt into the moment while I was watching this video. I do something for them.

  • Nathaniel

    If you really believed in karma, you wouldn't help anyone because you'd be interfering with their due punishment. Karma is a hopeless and incoherent concept. Plus, are you saying all life is equal? The value of an ant, the value of a goat is on par with a human life? I hope you take seriously the absurd consequences it leads to.

  • Larry Burns

    "LOVE" Changes everything.

  • Kami

    Correction: animals tortured and killed for food. and any other abuse humans can think of...

  • Kami

    How is having animals tortured and killed "loving"? It's not. Neitheir it is loving those childrens' helath, bodies or minds. Human race is neglecting, abusing and annihilating those beings who are most helpless and vulnerable, to it's on destruction. Because with karma there are no exceptions. ;)

  • Rod Williams

    This is a wonderful example of pay it forward, the souls that this will inspire to do similar things will be in the hundreds if not the thousands, Mavis Ching you are an angel walking this earth.

  • Hollis

    well the joy that was emmanating from everyone. how does the lady pay for all this food? I wonder....

  • Tanja

    I am so moved by how Mavis Ching allowed herself to be deeply affected. And then, she acted in a simple, practical and forthright manner. I also loved seeing the smiling children, of course. Thank you for making this video.

  • Alexis Ng

    Alberto and Olajide - You can contact Touch A Life at touchalife@gmail.com or visit their website for more information http://www.touchalife.org.my/. :)

  • olajide bamikole

    I wanted to know about your ministry

  • Alberto

    I would like to contact you, because that is the things I'd like to do. please contact me I'd like to do the same in others parts of the world but I don't have the idea on how to actual doing it. Can you enlightened me?...Thank yu

  • John Malcomson

    I am touched by the simplicity of the response she had. I was moved that kids would bring other kids. I am thrilled that visitors to Cambodia have this chance to connect with locals in need. Reminds me of Mother Teresa's work in India.

  • Brian

    Thanks for sharin' guys...we sure need to hear this! Thank God she and her friends have a heart...Time to teach "Corporate Profit Lean and Mean Efficiencies", that life is also many other things...also that "what comes around goes around", and that people with compassion are truly our leaders...we will keep planting hope seeds that Financial leaders become "self aware"...Namaste

  • Kusum Waidyaratne

    Actually that it is good.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    the kindness and love in her heart are what inspired me. A simple yet needed and deeply meaningful gesture in providing food. Thank you for sharing yet another Beautiful project!

  • Gemma Utting

    The simplicity of the "solution" this beautiful woman has found. The grace and spirituality of the Cambodian people. The fact that these meals, over 3 years, have had such an impact. Deeply moved - thank you!

  • marta

    For me sharing food with others is an opportunity to nurture the body and the soul. I am touched by the simple gesture of love in reaching out to children and their families. Bravo! I want to create more opportunities like this in my community. Thank you for inspiring me. Namaste b'shalom,

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