What happens when a city goes local with its power supply? Ask the residents of Boulder, Colorado. They’d grown tired of debates about climate change and public health. What they wanted was some hands-on, people-driven change. So, in 2011, they made Boulder the first municipality in the country to take back its energy decisions. The upshot? If Boulder can do this, other cities can. The slingshot? If they do, the corporate energy giants could fall.


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  • Pat

    Bravo!!! I will be watching and rooting!!!

  • Loni

    An inspiration for what our world can be!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

  • jeffrey farrar dean

    Take Note California!

  • tiago thorlby

    Any sign of democratic action is encouraging for us all - especially when it comes from a country that, by the day, more closely resembles a police-state (manipulated by Corporate Power). Right on, ye People!

  • Craig

    I truly hope Boulder can be successful in this endeavor. I am a little disheartened with how many wind generators are shown in this video, due to the inefficiency of this type of power. I also wonder how many residents of Boulder are aware that the windmills off of Hwy 93 don't produce any energy at this time, they are just a part of a research station there, to research wind power, to see if there is a way to make it a truly viable energy option which, at this time, it is not. This does not mean I don't support Boulder, I grew up here and I will not be a bit surprised to see an improvement over Xcel Energy.

  • Elaine Bruce

    Wondering if this could be adapted for a small town in rural England. Meantime am sending it on to all contacts.

  • Julia Westbrook

    I am sharing this with as many of my friends as I can. Outstanding model, perceptive political understanding.

  • Susan Lovejoy

    People power!!! Must get together in Charlotte, Gastonia and Asheville NC to defeat Duke Energy and their governor, Pat McCrory!! Need to study your playbook!!

  • Tom Hibberd

    It acknowledges the power of big money, but re-affirms that collectively people are more powerful than money if organized, committed, and strong. Loved it!

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  • Inspired by hands-on democracy? Get involved or learn from the trailblazers at New Era Colorado.   
  • Know a passionate college or graduate student? Suggest a summer internship in renewable or clean energy at an agency such as the Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Care about carbon emissions but not ready to tackle an energy giant? Narrow the scope. Walk or bike, don’t drive. And use weather-stripping, shade trees, and insulation to offset the heating and cooling of your home. 

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