A film by Tragedy and Hope.

Say the following sentence a few times to yourself, perhaps with your eyes closed: "The real, deep down you is the whole universe." (Alan Watts) Can you allow yourself to imagine what that means, what that might feel like? Who are you? Who am I? Are we one and the same? In this incredible video, philosopher Alan Watts guides you through a breathtaking experience, expanding your consciousness and transforming your sense of "I".


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  • Hollie

    How wonderful to think in such a beutiful way :)

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  • Alan Watts was a British philosopher that became the foremost interpreter of Eastern thought for Western audiences. Delve deeper into his philosophy here
  • If this video opened your mind in new directions, you might want to watch these free, in-depth lectures by Alan Watts that explore "the myth of myself" and much more.
  • Realizing our interconnectedness has the power to amplify our generosity and feeling of abundance. Take a some time to meditate or reflect on how we are all interconnected.

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