What we believe about our world shapes our experience of it. When we truly see and honor other people's unique qualities, we come into contact with our self nature. In this enlightening video, educator and motivator Angela Maiers shows us how to apply one simple principle - "You matter" - to great effect in our daily life. She points out how transformational it is for us to relate by "taking note" of our daily experience. She challenges us to positively share this renewed recognition of the good things happening around us. For it is when I notice you that we share the gift of our common nature, stop withholding our unique abilities, and unwrap our abundant possibilities to directly change each others lives and our experience of our world every day.


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  • virginia

    Wow. Happened on this video quite accidentally after speaking about a similar issue with a friend- that "we" need to believe that "we" matter and "we" need to speak about what matters to us. And that often it is the smallest and simplest suggestion, thought or solution that can make a world of difference to someone- but they need to hear it- and "we" need to speak it -out loud- and to believe that our small thoughts ideas and solutions could matter. And Angela is so correct in saying that we knew this at 5- so what silenced us- what caused us to doubt the voices within us? Use you voice and believe in your own integrity. Thank you for this inspiration.

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  • Practice what really matters - the recognition and honoring of the unique qualities and contributions of others. Angela Maiers shows us how.
  • There is an art to listening - here are seven ways to listen well.
  • Stop, Look and really Listen to what's happening in your world every day. You'll be surprised to see - and perhaps note - the many, many ways that we can connect and affect each other with the gift of our attention.

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