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Sri Lestari is a paraplegic who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. She lost the use of her legs while riding as a passenger on a motorcylce and, for ten years, never left her home. Indoensia, like many places in the developing world is a hostile environment of people with disabilities. Not only are the streets, footpaths, and buildings inaccessible, but their physical limitations carry broad stygmas. But Sri was tired of life as a shut-in. So she raised the money to buy a modified motorcycle she could ride from her wheelchair and began to re-engage with the world. Now, she and her bike are on a 12,000km journey across the Indonesian achepelago, both to celebrate her own freedom and to inspire others with disabilities to find their own.


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  • Jeevan Prakash


  • Susan

    Having visited Bali & Java myself, I can see how difficult it is for disabled people there to have access to buildings and transportation the way people do here in the United States. I am so impressed with Sri's story & wish her the best of luck on this journey and beyond!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Fantastic! Way to go Sri; fabulous in seeing beyond limitations to Living Life to it's fullest & also in breaking down stereotypes about being differently abled. Hugs from my heart to yours!

  • Pankaj K Agarwal

    The supremacy of human will to surmount all odds! The presence of god in kindling spirit!And the necessity to help ourselves if we want to be helped.

  • shashi

    brave soul determined mind a great example for all who see her know her and read about her

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. She is a real hero...we'd like to see more of her, and less of the Celebs...from our mouth to God's ears...Take care...slow n easy steady...peace

  • Semora McCampbell

    What an inspiring story! Sri has changed her life and others by her determination and wanting to give to others; by that she has gained so much for herself...freedom, love, empathy,compassion and independence. Bravo Sri...keep going! :)

  • Avigdor Beker

    Within limitation....there is no limitation. The winning of the spirit over limitation of the body. Inspiring for every human being. ♥

  • Pratibha

    Beautiful couurage!

  • Willo Ravenswood

    This is how real change happens. An individual acting from the knowledge that they matter can inspire others to believe that they too have the right and ability to have as full a life as possible. Sri is truly inspirational. I am happy she can run and walk in her dreams.

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  • Sri's journey continues in three other "webisodes".  Watch all four parts of her inspiring story here.
  • Sri works for UCP Wheels for Humanity, an organization dedicated to improving mobility for disabled children and adults in the developing world. Learn more about their work.
  • Have you achieved a dream?  Share your story to help others see their own possibilities.

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