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Riley De Graff, a resourceful student from Sun Valley Elementary School in San Rafael, CA, effected positive change for the earth by asking a parent to help her recycle used markers in her school. By creating a petition through Change.org, the school collected over 90,000 signatures and mobilized a used color markers recycling campaign which is now supported by the Crayola company and Dixon Ticonderoga. Both companies formed new recycling initiatives where they take back used color markers and convert them into clean-burning fuel. Hurray for kid power!


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  • jeffrey farrar dean

    What children pull off doesn't surprise me, but some times it does inspire me.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    awesome, wonderful step in the right direction, go KIDS, realize YOU have the Power to create Change and make an impact! and I agree, how about we also ask companies to create more biodegradable products.

  • Brad

    I'm glad the kids care and were engaged. Wouldn't it be much better to ask the companies to create a product that was biodegradable and didn't use plastics. Or teach the kids to use a more environmentally friendly product? Or wean them off consumption as a model?

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! The power of the Children! Here goes he "We" generation!...1world. peace

  • Gabrielle Boulard

    It ispires me that young people are caring enough to launch these campaigns-the same thing happened with Brita and their pitcher filters a few years ago. BTW, a company called Auspen.com makes nontoxic, refillable dry erase markers, and I wish papers markers could be made in the same way. Perhaps the next step in innovation, Riley?

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  • Encourage kids you know to start making a difference by asking their schools to recycle used color markers.  Contact Crayola and Dixon Ticonderoga.

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