Imagine living your life in a constant state of gratitude. Award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg believes nature’s beauty is a gift that can help us cultivate a sense of wonder and appreciation. In his TEDxSF talk, he shares a new project which explores this idea of interconnectedness through a young child and the wisdom of Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast. Accompanied by stunning time-lapse imagery, we are reminded to open our eyes to the blessings and miracles present within each day.


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  • Laura

    Very nice!! Yes a great reminder of how blessed we are everyday with so many things. Thank you

  • MaryAnn

    That was awesome! Just a serious reminder of everything that we take for granted. What a difference life would be if we were grateful for these gifts everyday!

  • Susan

    All these beautiful scenes of life and light that we take for granit. This made me truly want to enjoy all these beautiful gifts we get eachandevery day. Thank you sharing this video with me

  • Denise

    A perfect reminder of how precious life is, thank you:)

  • Brahm

    It is very inspiring. It make us realize that we have to really find time and open our eyes to see how beautiful is the nature around us.We take it for granted and will always be in a hurry not even to appreciate the God given gift of this beautiful nature around us. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video.

  • Joan Breit

    The gold in the present moment is a moment by moment Divine Gift.

  • Stoney

    wonderful, beautiful video and the meaningful message . it remind us a day is not just a day, is a gift . many of us just rushing out rushing in , not notice the beautiful things around us , no time to look at people face, but only the handphone , sad to say this. Hope this video will reach out to more people as a wake up call. My eye is open and my heart is open and i will cherish this special " Gift " . Thank you

  • Debbie Stewaty

    Very beautiful and uplifting - Each day is a new day ( a gift ).

  • John Miller

    God gave all of this to us to Love Nurture Protect and enjoy. We have been Blessed so that we may be a Blessing to others.

  • Don MacWatt

    All of it, having eyes to see and all the senses to exoerience the gift of life. A tremendously generous gift to all who see it and feel this video.

  • Ian

    That video was sent to me by a friend. It moved me to tears ! Why ? I don't know. But there was something almost "holy" about it. I will pass th joy on to more of my friends.

  • Kay

    THe entire video was a great blessing and a reminder to be more aware of each moment of life.

  • Annie Singh

    Beauty. soul food. daily affirmations.

  • Mandi

    If we live by this philosophy - there would be community and harmony.

  • Alberto

    We all wake up to see all these gifts daily. Thank you!

  • MJ

    Every day is a gift! Be gracious to everyone you meet! Everyday!

  • Yvonne

    It caused me to never take for granted the little things as well as the big things. I sit in awe of having been so privileged to see and hear this gift

  • Bindu

    A beautiful reminder of things we should never forget, but inevitably do so as we get caught up in the daily, so called routines of our life. As the film reminds us, gratitude and wonder in each and every moment of our life is what nourishes the soul! Thank you for the beautiful film!

  • Deepak

    Thank you very much . A timely reminder to thank the Universe for all that nature has provided . Providing in a most beautiful way .

  • Veera

    Breathtaking photography, in deed! I couldn't take my eyes off. Kudos to Louie Schwartzberg. Watching these amazing photos, we feel happiness being unfolded! Trash those soul-sucking electronic devices, come out and behold Nature with a sense of wonderment, an immense and inexplicable joy fills our heart and calms our troubled self. Pristine and soul-enriching entertainment is all around us, just pay heed to it and we shall be happy.

  • JLL

    It made me smile and be glad to be present in this beautiful world full of love.

  • Julian Gresser

    This is an extraordinary video, and I am deeply humbled and grateful to its producer and the wonderful Brother David Steindl-Rast. Beauty is truly the touchstone that leads us through our hearts to a peaceful, happy, connected life. Here is a link that may be of interest to some viewers. The aria by Arleen Auger from Handel's Alexander's Feast says it all.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team! Yup. May the Universal flow of life quiet us into the moment with gratitude.He said: "Didn't have much money, yet lots of time and a sense of wonder"...awesome...everybody can be present when we realize we're all Special...each one...1Peace

  • Judy

    Everything ... absolutely EVERYTHING!

  • Betty

    The beauty of life around us...this made me smile - thank you!

  • Abhinav

    "This day is given to you..It is a gift"..Very deep and Simply WOW! This exemplifies a great video giving a great lesson.

  • iolanda

    ma numesc iolanda si vreau un video

  • TN

    The scenery was so pretty, and the words from the speaker were very inspiring. We need to learn to be thankful for what we have and not focus on what we don't have. Gratitude IS the key to happiness.

  • SM

    Beautiful video reflecting life in its fullness and purity

  • Nick

    Good thoughts about life and a simpler way of life, but a happy one according to him.

  • Mike

    My strife for living in my present and this one moment of gratitude and the opportunity to become more of who I am right now. Thank you for this wonderful video.

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