Giving up a career in technology, Kalyan Varma decided to follow his passion of wildlife photography. He had no idea of how he was going to make money, but Kalyan knew he just needed to get his work out into the world. So he posted high-resolution and downloadable images online that were completely free for the taking. This is when the magic began.


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  • Bharat Chauhan

    I am in the same dilemma as Kalyan was in at beginning of his Photography journey. I am a health care professional but Photography and post-production is my passion. I have been challenging myself on this"conventional wisdom" of getting credit not in terms of money but the feeling that people will like my work but, same way as Kalyan thought, they may use it for their benefits without my knowledge. Knowing that they like is the fuel for my aspiration of contributing rather than consuming, Kalyan's video has inspired me to continue working on it! Now next step is working on how to freely make it available to people. Thanks, Kalyan. I will appreciate any guidance you may share to facilitate my journey!

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  • Visit Kalyan’s website to view the stunning collection of his work. 
  • Explore “Nature Without Borders,” Kalyan’s latest project about sharing space with wildlife and the complex interrelationship between man and nature.
  • Read the photo essay “Shadows on the Grass,” which examines this remarkable group of plants, while also addressing the importance of grasslands for supporting the largest masses of wildlife in the world.

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