With goggles resting on her head and peacock feathers folded into hair, Zina Lahr viewed herself as a canvas. Self-diagnosed with “creative compulsive disorder”, Zina filmed a video to share her passion for mechanics and animatronics. She reveals some of her jaw-dropping artwork: a giant puppet spider she helped create for a movie, and a wired paper crane for stop-motion animation. Zina’s artwork reflects the power of her imagination brought to life. Her products were a tangible demonstration of the passion and creativity that flowed from her talent to create robotics. This video was an audition for a chance to compete on a reality show as a creature creator. Although she got a spot, Zina turned it down to return home and care for her grandmother, who was battling lung cancer. Several weeks after filming this video, Zina Lahr passed away in a hiking accident at the age of 23.


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  • Christine Von Lossberg

    I am a artist too and this girl really has inspired me so much..she helped me become unstuck..her beautiful energy fills our hearts with beauty and magic of pure inspiration. She brought so much to the world in such a little bit of time..I am sure she is blowing them all away in her magical piece of Heaven. Love her!!!

  • warren

    Wow! That was very inspirational! As an artist and engineer I see that the world needs more people like Zina to bring creativity and passion to design. She left us far too soon to allow the world to fully benefit from her love, passion and creativity. I will keep these thoughts with me for a long time.

  • laura

    you will be missed al ways un til you re turn my friend. I love you ! Hug and Kiss, mwaw !

  • Susan

    The unlimited creative nature of the human spirit is so inspiring! WOW!

  • Bob

    That someone could have a daughter like Zina is a blessing. Too bad her life was so short. My issue is I feel very creative at times and then other times people or things can get me down and then I am totally lacking of creativity until the cycle starts all over again. But even when I am down I know there is creativity lurking somewhere within my brain. I wonder if all the weed I smoked in the 70's caused this cycling sometimes, but then I go back to when I was a child and I realize I felt the same. My father always called me Walter Mitty. Although that is very critical and demeaning, I kind of agree with him. Sometimes my creativity and ideas and desires and wishes take over my mind and some people (Psychiatrists in particular) call it mania when I am overly creative and depression when I am down. it's never real extreme one way or another but it can and has affected my life on many levels, especially work. What inspires me most about Zina is she knew who she was at 23 and maintained her momentum, never seeming to cycle. I wonder if she was always like she was in the video. I wish she was part of my life and I could have had the pleasure of her working on creative activities with me. Why do people like her have to die so young....what an immense loss for anyone with whom she came into contact.....a most encouraging young woman who instills in me the urge to let my creativity take over and not let ANYONE or THING bring me down. Oh, let me just expand my DSM classification diagnosis, I truly have Creative Cyclothymia Disorder.

  • Nancy

    I, too, have felt the Make urge from just about anything, but when I was a kid, we didn't have a lot (or any, sometimes) of the technology available to young folks today. Even our library would probably have had, maybe, books on Watch Repair for dealing with tiny, intricate machinery. Young people now have so much access to learning how to do things like this, so much tech to make it possible! The trick is encouraging this kind of creativity in people of any age nowadays. :) Good for her for living her dreams!

  • Carly Alyssa Thorne

    Beautiful, awesome, inspirational human being....

  • kiko

    Tinkerbell in the flesh! The way that she lived, breathed, created art is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing this video.

  • carl

    So talented and so young, she will be missed

  • Juan Pablo Bettancourt

    How can it be that you mail me to jpbs70gmail.com and afterwords when I ask for help yopu say that my mail is unknown for you? So I don´t know how to get in your system. Please help me but in a serious way Thanks

  • Erin

    What a BEAUTIFUL girl!!!! SO inspiring, in so many ways. And now that she's in spirit, she can be close to all of us... all the time...

  • Cindy

    Her time here was far too brief, and I will never be able to understand it. A creative force of nature from whom we all need to learn.

  • Deb

    wow. amazing and inspiring girl. a life well lived.

  • Talon

    Her absolute unfaltering commitment to self, and the expression there in. You could see the love in her eyes, and hear it in the passion of her spoken and well-chosen words. :-)

  • jennifer gray charnoe

    She was such an inspiration. Such a magnificent mind, such a humble life. The fact that she could create with other people - what a wonderful learning experience for others. There are many people who deeply affect me, often people who seek to understand life, and integrate their work and learning, into their daily lives and this is one of them. Thank you for sharing the video. J.

  • joshua manallo


  • jose ariel espenido

    nakakainspire at kakapulotan ng aral

  • Steve Zimmett

    A very interesting woman, I wondered what really happened to her until I read this website The Brief, Wondrous Life of Zina Lahr. You can find it hear:http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/media/The-Brief-Wondrous-Life-of-Zina-Lahr.html She was very adventurous and its top bad that she was taken by this mountain.Zina had been heading toward Cascade Falls, a popular hiking destination on the Perimeter Trail, a four-year-old footpath that rings the town.“Zina would go out on an adventure every day, and she would get some little piece of nature—a stone, a fossil, beautiful fall leaves,” says her mother, Cindy Lahr. Its too bad we lost such a wonderful person.

  • Frank

    What a great example of living your dreams. She didn't wait for life and life didn't wait for her. It doesn't for any of us. Seize the moment.

  • Meryl Steinberg

    She made me smile throughout the whole video. A delight. I loved that she turned down the reality show to be with her grandmother. A beautiful example of the finest in human expression.

  • Holly Blossom

    zina wasted no time! what an amazing woman! i would love to hear from her parents of how they facilitated her inspired ideas when she was young and all about her growing up homeschooled/unschooled?

  • jerry

    I just love the number of creative people there are in this world. So fun to see people's talents!

  • julie

    That she was truly her unique self in all it's beauty

  • Jennifer

    Can you imagine the things she would have created had she been with us longer? A modern day Leonardo da Vinci. What a loss.

  • Michael

    Her boundlessness

  • daniel

    I think the world lost a good one. rip

  • Yuni

    Everything inspired me about this video. Thank you Karmatube! At so many levels this was very timely.

  • Ratnakar Srinivas

    First of all Thank you Kaarmatube for this wonderful, beautiful, charming video. Is it a disorder? I do not agree. It is a gift from God. She was such a energetic lively girl. She would have made God wonder with her talent.Sad talented people have a short life.

  • Johanna

    To be free to be creative. It's a freedom I want to practice. Opportunities all around me, but I seem to pass them by. To step out of the box. To be myself.

  • sharon morrow

    Zina lived her life to the fullest and was given an opportunity to be authentically who she was. I would love to hear about her childhood and her parents, because usually genius is supported by those who love you if you have the joyful passion that this young lady had so early in life. I am sure she is remembered with love by all who knew her!!

  • gloria araya

    I was mesmerized watching this video and witnessing such greatness. I could not wait to google her and find out more about her, until I got to the end of the video; my heart sunk. Sadness stroke me so deeply for some reason. Maybe it was because she was so unique and now the world won't be able to experience her presence, maybe it was because I felt so much love for her spirit, and I would have loved to meet her one day, but I will never have that privilege; her genuine spirit was fully captured in this video. One of the most beautiful and inspiring videos I have seeing in a long time. It is obvious how many lives she touched, and even though I never knew who she was until now, her spirit touched me deeply. Thanks so much for sharing, and many blessings to Zina's friend who put this video together.

  • Margaret

    Everything inspired me about this video. I've never heard of Zina until this email came, but I'm truly sorry not to have known her She's a beautiful, unique, splendid creature that shared her wonder for such a short time. The earth is darker for not having her shining light. I've been blessed for getting a glimpse into her world.

  • Tammy

    There are no words to express my admiration for this young woman. What a talented, creative star, shooting through our galaxy so quickly, leaving beauty in her wake! I wish I had known her.

  • Bobbi

    I love her passion for life, creating beauty everywhere she went, I didn't know her but I feel I met her after watching her video. Such a tragedy, the world will not be the same for anyone who watches her video. Her parents had a gem for too short a time.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    what a talented young woman. what a gift she gave in sharing her talents. how sad that she has left us so soon. May her work continue in all those she inspired. RIP, Zina

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