So you found a bottle … what will you do with it? As part of a collaborative project called 37 Vibrations, 37 bottles have been passed around all over the world. Each numbered bottle has a true story inside for the recipient to read and experience. Readers can check each bottle’s status and journey online to see how far each bottle (and its story) has traveled and how many people it has reached. So if you’ve found a bottle, be part of the wave. Pass it on.


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  • If you've found a bottle, visit 37 Vibrations to explore its journey.
  • This bottle hunter originally sought out messages that washed up on shore. Now, he is seeking to send out a different type of message about our environment.
  • In the spirit of 37 Vibrations, share a gift with a loved one, a friend, or even a stranger by telling him or her a story that is meaningful to you.

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