Directed and edited by Peter Sharp. More at The Liberators.

Humans are naturally programmed to distrust strangers, especially where touching is concerned. Therefore, one man's intention to give out hugs to strangers was unique enough to prompt the growing crowd to be suspicious. Warily, they watched as he offered free hugs. Could they trust this stranger and his intentions? Was he just playing a prank? As the first woman approached and hugged the blindfolded man, the crowd's mixed feelings and reactions dissipated as others followed her lead. Some gave brief hugs; others clung to him as if greeting a long-lost friend. Regardless of the length of touch, giving each other a hug created an environment for the power of connection and trust.


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  • Rita Vakharia

    This video revives the natural instinct of trusting every being . Ispirational and made me weep

  • Debbie

    This is so cool.... very touching.... it brought happy tears to my eyes... we are One!!!! Peace!

  • Ayaan

    This Make my heart smile.

  • Miller

    I have the same beautiful reflection as Kathleen : "This is something I can envision Jesus Christ doing in today’s society”. Great ! Thank you Kathleen and thank you Team!

  • Brian

    Thanks Team...very encouraging. Peace on Earth!

  • Peter Sharp

    The sign reads "I trust you, do you trust me? Lets hug!"

  • Sheila Edwards

    What inspired me about this video is this man's willingness to be vulnerable. Very brave!

  • Cordula

    What does the sign say? Does he ask for hugs?

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Beautiful . Trust is the highest emotion in life , higher than love .

  • Ralph Hilliard

    Awesome! What I want everyday to look like

  • steve zimmett

    I loved the captions at the end. Many Many gathered after the first hug. I loved this video.

  • Anne Marie

    Tears just flowed!! The power of connection through hugs!!!

  • SueM

    The willingness and openess of the young man to share a hug with strangers, not really knowing what would happen or what the response from others would be.

  • Seán O'G

    Clearly this "Do you trust me?" could be the question of the man standing in front of the church. I was struck by the risk taken by this man. Imagine the goodness generated by this risk taking; I've not seen couples go up to hug an individual before. It was touching (no pun intended) to see the man and woman couple kiss each other after their hug.

  • Kathleen Beube

    This is something I can envision Jesus Christ doing in todays society. Well done, The music is so fitting.

  • Cindy

    Beautiful twist on free hugs. Brings tears. Thankyou for this.

  • Jacob Cramer

    This video is amazing! I think it's so crazy how we're wired to distrust, but once the one woman set a precedent by giving the stranger a hug, everyone followed!

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