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There are many situations around the world that seem overwhelming  - climate change, poverty, violence... While at the same time, we are surrounded by signifiers of normality - celebrity gossip, sports, cat videos... How do we change conversations on important topics that affect our lives and the world in which we live? Author and self-described "de-growth activist." Charles Eisenstein, suggests that we take a break from our habitual ways and enter a period of latency - a period of "not doing." Perhaps we will see new pathways to relationships and different ways of communication that lead to trust in each other.


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  • Carolanne

    Maybe we should just trust and stop doing—absolutely. From the stillness arises the solution and the path.

  • MerridyJ

    I totally agree. Eisenstein has pegged it. America seems to be in a lock-down state of mind. Where are the freedoms we used to have as citizens? Fear-based people have made everything into law and "gentlemen" are stopped while "thieves" run amok. When I was in school, if one child disrupted the class, everyone had to share the penalty. Seems that concept has taken over our country. Not fair then, not fair now. Just stop doing, people.

  • jason b

    This should be the type of video we should be showing the younger generation, it is the only way to stop what is happening. Only a generation who has been raised right can help make a change in the world. I say we forget about trying to get through the people that turn a blind eye & put all our money, time & effort into teaching the younger generation to not make the same mistakes we & our ancestors have made. Surely seeing how the world is now will be full screen evidence for the young, that we need a change.

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  • I Will Be a Hummingbird offers a parable on what we can do in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.
  • Are you stuck in old habits that are no longer working for you? Try a period of "not doing" and see if you can come up with new ways of doing.

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