Growing up in rural Agyauli, Nepal, Chuna Devi Pangeni never received an education, being deemed unworthy due to her gender. Married at sixteen, Chuna’s lack of education continued to affect her life and self-esteem. When she took her sick mother to the hospital, Chuna’s illiteracy and innumeracy prevented her from reading the room numbers and she could not find the doctor. All changed when Chuna started courses in her library. Sponsored by the READ Center, the organization is dedicated to education and social change. Education has empowered Chuna like never before. In turn, she hopes to teach the women in her community that it is never too late for them to learn.


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  • Visit the official website of READ Global.
  • See how Education for Rural People aims to eliminate illiteracy in provincial regions.
  • Education should be shared for all. Consider volunteering at a children's literacy program in your area to instill the joy of learning.

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