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After his younger brother was bullied, 16-year-old Michael Kaplan decided enough was enough. Instead of seeking revenge, he decided to go after something far more powerful: an antidote to the root problem. That's how the Be O.N.E Anti-Bullying Project was born. This experiential peer-to-peer program has not just helped hundreds of middle schoolers heal from the effects of bullying, it's also helping dozens of schools build a more positive culture, one where "it's cool to be kind".


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  • Learn more about The Be O.N.E. project and the people behind it.
  • Watch this video about Roots of Empathy a program that brings babies into the classroom to promote compassion.
  • Make it a practice to always acknowledge and share your presence with people who are too often overlooked or ignored by others. A kind word and smile can go a long ways!

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