At Detroit SOUP, more than the broth is simmering---ideas are, too. Each month, creative thinkers, artists and neighbors gather to share project ideas over five-dollar bowls of soup & bread. As the meal winds down, the voting winds up, and winners go home with the soup-money, a micro-grant of sorts, to get their project going. As a result, Detroit's arts, parks, social justice, and urban farming scenes are thriving. Founder Amy Kaherl says her organization was often credited for funding these projects. “[But] we didn't do anything,” she clarifies. “Except provide an opportunity for the dinners. It was the people in the community who felt it was safe to share their ideas with other people [that made this happen]."


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  • monica

    This is fantastic and this TED Talk confirms the importance of creating such space. Thank you guys. I will try to start one over here :)

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Absolutely love it!!! So many "touchstones" in the world! Innovation, inclusion, transformative strategy, L.O.V.E....she's jazzed about a better world, and the project!!! Amen

  • Lion Luthria Girdhari

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  • Loni

    People acting on possibilities making a new reality!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    PS Thank you for also inspiring this project in other communities! So much potential when we come together. :)

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Wonderful! collaboration is key and to think the comfort of SOUP helped people feel safe enough to share ideas and work with each other. Love it! thank you for creating an environment encouraging such Sharing!!

  • liz

    Creative. Resourceful. Loving. Local. All going on in "troubled" Detroit. Very, very cool.

  • mac

    What inspired you about this video? fantastic. gets ideas out there and collaboration and then the idea that started as a seed in someone's head takes off. LOVE it!

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  • Here's how to start your own Detroit SOUP---no matter where you live. For another take, visit Urban Innovation Exchange.
  • Okay, so there's no soup but Kickstarter makes it super easy to kick off a project of your own.
  • Wonder what the neighbors are thinking? Have them over for soup!

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