American folk singer Pete Seeger passed away at age 94, leaving a musical legacy that forever altered the sound of popular song and serves as a clarion reminder how powerfully folk art can inspire positive social change. His music touched people all over the world. Perhaps he will be best remembered for adapting an old, forgotten song of the American labor movement of the 1930s and 1940s, to become the soundtrack of the civil rights movement. “We Shall Overcome” is still celebrated today – from Birmingham to Belfast to Bombay – as the ultimate anthem of our shared dreams of a just and hopeful future. This obituary by ABC News captures Pete Seeger’s unique ability to build community through popular song.


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  • Debbie

    The man shows all of us to always stand up for what is right, and to never be afraid to speak up, using our own talents! Rock on, Pete!

  • sheetal

    Pete Seeger believed that everyone can sing – and everyone should sing!!.. Inspired to share my love for music with one and all..

  • Barbara Bird

    This man was so meaningful and such an opening for love for the human family. This brought tears to my eyes in gratitude for this man and his music that lives on.

  • Linda Beacher

    that he used music to motivate social change...he was a great inspiration to me and to my son who was in his teens when we saw him at Tinicum Park in PA outside of New Hope. Listening to his words and the words of the songs that other made was not about who sang them it was the words and he never faltered with his message he went on till he sang no more!!! he will always be singing to me!

  • Alberta San Nicolas

    He was one of the greatest singers in my younger days, I loved his songs.

  • Maya

    His songs inspired me in the 60s and still do inspire me. What a loving man he was. As Gwen says, "Bless your soul," Pete Seeger.

  • steve zimmett

    I did not know much about Pete Seeger but to me he was a great man. He inspired many during his life time.

  • Gwen Kotler

    His songs inspired me and my generation. I will remember him.

  • Morgan L. Meadows

    Pete Seeger lived into the better dream of humanity through community song. May your new journey bring you even more delight.

  • Gwen

    Thank you Pete Seeger for giving so much to our country. Bless your soul.

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  • Learn more about Pete Seeger’s life and music from interviews with the man himself.
  • We Shall Overcome” remains a seminal piece within the songbook of social change.  Hear Pete Seeger give the history of its origins.
  • Pete Seeger believed that everyone can sing – and everyone should sing.  Prove him right. Put on a song you like that delivers a positive message, sing-along, and feel the inspiration reverberate within you.

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