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Moin Khan was born and raised in Lahore but went to the United States to attend university. Frustrated with the way in which his home country was portrayed in the media, he decided to leave his comfort zone and embark on an epic journey back to Pakistan. For 18 month he lived on boiled rice and ketchup, held 3 jobs and worked 70 hrs a weeks to save up enough money to ride his motorcycle from San Francisco to Lahore, carrying only a tent, a sleeping bag, some tools and the will to tell the world that he – as a Pakistani – was just as peace-loving as anyone else in the world. He didn't use any maps, because he wanted to get lost and let strangers be his guides. He did get lost. About 50 times a day - equaling 50 opportunities to talk to people and tell them about his country. After his triumphal return to Pakistan, he continued his 'different agenda' - staying on to teach women how to ride motorcycles, and distributing warm clothing in rural Pakistan.


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  • M.saeed ahmed khan

    moin bhai ur great pllzzz me be ap ke sath ic compain ka hessa ban sakun to plzz mughe be ap ak bar zror batana ap me kuch karna chatta hun pakistan ke masom logno ke leya plzz bhai ak chance ap mughye de dain plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bhai me ap ko cofee be bana kar pela dun ga bhai me mcb me ak teaboy cofee bana leta hun.... 03023507611 M.saeed Ahmed khan isb G.6

  • Msaeedahmed

    mohin bhai ap ka fm.93 par me ne program suna ta me bike chalta hun wese me ap ke mamo jo Mcb me hain M.ali khan in ke sath kam karta raha hun me baye road china jana chatta hun plzz ap mughe ic me help kar dain mohin bhai pllzzz my cell.03023507611

  • Dipendra

    Thanks for sharing, truly inspiring............

  • Akash Maithal

    Akash from India "Truly a heart touching story and keeps the hope alive that there is still good in this World". Thumps-up to you Buddy. Keep Riding, Ride Safe.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! What an inspiration...teaching peace...and a vision to empower Women...good for him...live long and prosper Mr. Khan...peace

  • Kuldeep Puri Goswami

    Dear Moin Bhai....your feelings are true, you a true patriotic. The sense of understanding about women liberalization you have is absolutely perfect. Let the world see this side of Pakistani youth. Very seldom we see such a positive video...thanks for sharing this video. Keep doing such good work...do not afraid of anything...humari duaein...aapke sath hai!

  • Tony

    WOW! What an undertaking. I applaud your spirit, courage, and commitment to realizing your dream. Not anyone else's opinion of what your dream should be, but what YOU felt in your heart. You were obviously guided and protected by your angels when traveling in potentially dangerous places. I wish you continued success, inner strength, and peace as you continue doing YOUR part to make your world, and the people in it, a better, more peaceful, more tolerant, and loving place. Thank you Moin. Many blessings to you. Keep up the great work.

  • subbarao

    You are great and very courageous. I hope the Taliban do not kill you since you want to do the things which the Taliban hate.

  • Kirit

    Mr. Khan. You have good intention. If you really want to make Pakistan good country, increase education among youngesters. Stop thinking that you are muslim but think that you are humanbeing everybody around you are humanbeing that going to be religion of tommorrow.

  • Steve

    Excellent,you did good.How about another trip around the world telling the world what your country and schools in particular teach about minorities like Hindus,Ahmedias,Shias,etc...not to mention kidnappings,rapes and forced marriages and conversions...in short? Pakistan is a failed state...

  • Amit

    This is great. If all of you would like to learn more about Moin Khan's journey then join us on the ServiceSpace Global Awakin Call this Saturday, March 1, 2014 as Moin will be joining us. We will interview him to learn more about his journey and then all of you will have a chance to ask him a question directly "on the air." :) http://www.awakin.org/forest/?pg=guest&cid=136

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Fantastic! Thank you for sharing your journey, your peaceful views and for also helping women to gain freedom. YOU are a beautiful example of what is possible when we take Action of what our Hearts tell us! HUG from my heart to yours and keep up the Beautiful work you are doing. PS. As a Cause-Focused Storyteller my work is connecting cultures and breaking down stereotypes through collecting and sharing real life stories from people all around the world. I also share Free Hugs wherever I travel. It's been a most fulfilling journey too. I am grateful.

  • Esha

    This is what power of love is, this is why we have been created to spread the message of love, peace and humanity :)

  • Pradeep Jain

    This is amazing. We must propagate such true story in this world where negative things have overtaken our whole thinking, behaving and our entire being. Its true that all living beings want to live and crave for love,peace and harmony.

  • Cindy

    A true hero... first in wanting to spread the truth about his home country and second, in the way he inspires young women in Pakistan to experience the freedom that he has known in traveling the world. One person's journey, the whole world's reward.

  • B2

    What an inspiration. Loved the video :-) For an in depth journey into Moin's life, he's being featured Friday on an Awakin Call. Here are the details: http://www.awakin.org/forest/?pg=guest&cid=136

  • Maria Mushtaaq

    This is awesome!! You're my hero Moeen Khan.. So young yet so selfless, we need more people like you.. I salute you, just a few more of you in the world will change everything.

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