A film by #GlobalPov Project.

This clever and informative film invites viewers to think critically about poverty and inequality. It quickly exposes and unravels a system that has been intricately designed by the wealthy. A purposely flawed system that uplifts big business, gives privileges to the middle-class and belittles the poor by forcing them into a state of dependency. It is however a system that can be challenged, a system that is being challenged by a strong voice, the united voice of the poor, a voice that is roaring for change!


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  • ajay

    very creative way to express a complex concept

  • Laura

    Wow very eye opening and mouth dropping 😳😩

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  • Watch more videos from #GlobalPOV Project. Follow the Institute on Inequality & Democracy on social media: @ChallengeIneq
  • Inform yourself with these short facts about global poverty from the Global Issues website. Explore the site further to increase your awareness of the inter-related global issues that effect us all.
  • Be the Change! Watch this film again, share it and discuss it with friends and family so that we can begin to understand this system that we are a part of.

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