Emily James is a typical three-year old princess.  She loves nail polish, frilly dresses, and her Rapunzel doll, Dolly. When her hair got too long for a busy little girl, her parents suggested that she cut her hair off and donate it for wigs for cancer patients. Emily was excited to "share her hair"... on the condition that Uncle "Maffew" cut Dolly's hair too. "I don't want any kids to be sad that they have no hair," she says endearingly, "just cut some off and give it to a kid." This short video captures an adorable little girl's generous spirit.


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  • Betty Jo Beshears

    This is one of God's Little Angels

  • Betty Jo

    This Little Sweet Baby Looks like my Sweet Baby, she looks so much like her they could be sisters, Oh what a sweet Baby......Oh my goodness this needs to be put on T.V. See there are Good Things in the world and this is what makes you know, It is even Sweet Little Kids that make this world be so so Good.....Thank You Little Sweet Kids...... I Love ya'all so soooooooo Much.............

  • Meg

    Aww how sweet 😻

  • Abbie

    She's so adorable. Beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. It is so nice to see children this days doing such a good thing. I have read an article like this one here http://www.exploretalent.com/articles/three-year-old-adriana-smith-gets-first-haircut-charity/ .

  • Jane

    I admire Emily's selflessness and generosity. She seems to have been taught to consider others who are in need - a gift her for and a rarity in one so young. Thank you for sharing this beautiful soul's act of kindness, it was heart-warming to watch.

  • chowpawpaw

    What inspired me is for her little age of three she was thinking of others and very unselfish. May her kindness for others always shine through. God bless her.

  • aggrey

    what impressed me most is that she didn' give it a second thought...and after seeing her doll get a hair cut, she knew she had to...awesome

  • Lucy DelSarto

    The pure love this child has to help another person. Good parenting & role models have prevailed, kids are sponges. Your actions speak louder than words.

  • vic smyth

    How naturally good-hearted little children are. Sadly, our society will beat this out of them by the time they finish middle school.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Emily's parents have taught her well, Compassion & sharing. so glad you kept Emily's voice in the video, Priceless. You & others will treasure her sweet offering forever. <3 Beautiful.

  • patricia

    the generosity and honesty of this little girl, gives me hope xx

  • Tammy

    My sister a veteran just passed away from cancer, she lost her hair due to the treatments. She set out to get a wig and come to find out this place called "Locks Of Love" was the ONLY place that charged for their wigs! There are many other places to donate hair that give the cancer patients in need of wigs FREE of charge. Emily and family my heart goes out to you! HUGS

  • linda

    Her compassion for others.

  • Melanie

    Being a breast cancer survivor who just mailed off 2 different haircuts to Locks of Love, I am so happy to see that someone as young as 3 can understand how important it is to give and help those in need. Great job, family!!!!

  • Admin

    If you'd like to donate your hair in the U.S., you may do so at Locks of Love: http://www.locksoflove.org/donate.html. In Canada, there are several organizations besides 360-Hair which will take hair donations.

  • MarySue Foster

    This is a very inspiring video. Emily is clearly a smart, compassionate little girl. And I'm glad the video is garner a lot of views. However Locks of Love is a problematic organization to give one's hair to. I urge you to check out their background.

  • DeeDee

    It is Emily's parents' who have guided her generous spirit. You can see the love and light generated from her mother in the video.

  • ann

    she is a great person. for a three to want to do something like that is great .

  • May

    emily understood, at three years old, the concept of true compassion!!!Beautiful

  • Jean

    I want to answer the question about where to send the hair: LOCKS FOR LOVE It has to be a certain length, no less than 8 inches; no dyes or chemicals; no more than 5% gray. Good for you!!!

  • colleen

    I wonder what organization she donates her hair to. i want to donate my hair now too!

  • Joan

    How much insight a 3 yr old would have at such a young age and act upon it.

  • Steve

    Her parents...without the proper nurturing and the constant reminders of people less fortunate than you...gratitude and unconditional love...is what we need in our world today...Aum...

  • Lisa

    What a sweet and thoughtful little girl....her parents are doing well by teaching her to give at such a young age. Bravo!

  • Marlene

    i am touched in two ways by this and the first being a three year old being made aware of suffering at such a young age...saddens me. Her willingness to feel for others is beautiful and something she will not forget...

  • LawrenceTeoh

    As a grandparent, I never cease to be amazed at the spontaneity of a child's kindness and generosity. Hooray for Emily's parents!

  • shyam

    Children with a habit of sharing would be great assets for the whole world. The value of sharing with Joy is tremendous.

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  • Find out how to donate your hair to 360-Hair, the organization that makes wigs for pediatric cancer patients in cooperation with the Canadian Cancer Society.
  • Watch the trailer for Mondays at Racine, a film that explores how women deal with the loss of their hair, and how two sisters are giving back to honor their mother, who died of breast cancer.
  • What do you have in abundance? Why not share with someone else who needs it more?

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