What is your capacity for empathy? Is it just reserved for the down and out? How about empathizing with those in power? Can empathy travel across great distances and through time? This informative animation challenges how we tend to view empathy and advocates for the transformative power that can bring about change for individuals as well as entire societies.


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  • Fred K.

    It empowers positive action for our concerns. Very creative! Thank you!

  • Manuel J

    Yes very much so. I like this new view on outer empathy , the other as no separated from oneself . There is a word out there that expresses it as ¨ Interbeing ¨ Thank you very much

  • Jan Glick

    Learning about how to relate with kids through empathy because of my Love and Logic training caused be to listen to this. The Love and Logic Institute had done work with children for years and finally realized that empathy has to come first before thinking ears come on. This video just expands that idea. Thank you.

  • Zinat Fazal

    Brilliant and very practical opinion shared in this video. Thank you! Its an eye opener and offers an important insight that could be a small tool to bring about a larger change. It's time individuals understand, respect, value and accept each other's similarities as well as differences. Everyone matters!

  • Fernanda

    What inspired you about this video? The fact Che Guevara was been drwan at least twice made me realise how circumstances affect ourselves I really didn't like him cause I see his anger as a wrong mistake I've been to Cuba and I was sad to see how people line there I talked to so many people about their lifes and they were not very happy But it's not his fault Is a fact. People fought to get the country that have nowadays and I can't judge them I did change the way I understood his life in the past months. I undertood his anger came from the way his was afected by lack of empathy of people I don't judge hood acts as I do never judge anyone whithout understand their lifes. I don't line others live And I do try to change the world around me But people somehow are so attached to their belifes that they ignore the world and what is happening around They are so worried about theirs material stuff that they accept to watch terror, murder and so I'm on tv but they do not try to find the solution Their emphathy is a very dishonest feeling cause being sad changing the world showing their sadness for disaster or anger for corruption in a bar table do not help that much So I understood revolution occurs cause so people have the power to stand up for the wrong things that happen and fight for it and they will be lobbed and hated but they don't care as long as they reach their purpose.but is anyone in the U.N. councils really worried about that ? Not as government chiefs They do not care about Israel cause they have to be wired with petrol to keep their countries going on and poluting the world. They have a reason ... But I was impressed with the movement and telephone existenig in the counties cause it's Meade for people whi is suffering and if the other followed their example the world around not have to worry about that The same way Che Guevara wouldn't have murderded so many people if by the time he arrived in the clinic were people were taken away t cause tg at had a diseasothers could have shown they were as human as he was by that time

  • Sylvia Tarraran

    Great reminder that empathy can help creates strategies to resolve issues in the community - win-win solutions – resolution with positive action and develop altruism on many levels.

  • Iris Curteis

    What inspired you about this video? Hi Brian, point taken about 'real-life persons in action of helping others selflessly'. Have you seen Karma Tube, 'Tiny Houses Built with a Big Heart'? I also feel the above clip has its merits and draws attention to s vital point: we can only really know who we are through our experience of ourselves in relation to others and the world.

  • Iris Curteis

    Thank you for sharing this, I think it's brilliant. I wholeheartedly agree that we need outrospective empathy - particularly across time and space. Such empathy will support us towards generational equity and deep respect for the planet - she need all the empathy we can generate.

  • Carl D Lyons

    Care for other in need.

  • tiffany

    I agree! ♡

  • Ginger

    In my experience, from introspection ( that is a deep realistic understanding of self) springs an authentic empathy for others. I see that we need a balance of both intro and outro spection.

  • donna

    Brian - you didn't read it! yet you had this long comment - interesting - it's certainly NOT about brainwashing - as a born empath, I assure you that it is about opening up one's heart where the true "knowing" (check out the unified field) - the third dimension necessitates a separation in order to "think" whatever we decide to think - always arbitrary and more often than not, generally self aggrandizing - it's about allowing for the possibility of the connection without thought - I hope you'll try it - we are all multi-dimensional beings and the portal into those realms are widening exponentially - our abilities to expand into empathic states is an incredible gift - I hope you'll try it - whether it be with a concept or another human or perhaps an animal - please consider the possibility - it could change your life...blessings..

  • Kathleen McSweeney

    Opened my eyes to important concepts, such as empathy across space and time, collective empathy that can lead to enormous change.

  • Susan Penn

    Brilliant, beautiful and well done. What moved me about this video was that it hit home to my own realization that I have spent decades (introspection, practicing meditation, etc), and that I know feel I it is time to move out from this project to purposeful, empathy driven action. We can all affect the empathy gap, and have the power to do so.

  • Eileen

    I love the empathy museum concept. Having just sewn a series of small bags for holiday gifts I am aware of the time and skill more complicated items require. I often wonder how clothing can be sold so cheaply in the USA.

  • Brian :)

    Ugh! I know the intention of this video is to open up and enlighten the eyes and beings of those who watch this but this whole new "dig into you brain and psyche" by using this new, proven way of touching on as many human stimuli avenues as possible through this media platform (visual and audible) is known as brain washing... and marketers know this works. Of course, in this instance it is for good but that is if you can really make it through the presentation, or at least most of it. I was turned of right in the beginning with that squeak of the marker and shut it off! Empathy Yes!!! and more of it :)) but please(!), if your going to try to raise such awareness, lets not use proven brain washing videos like this but show more real-life persons in action of helping others selflessly. This is reality folks not some squeaky marker on a white board. Tip: Be cautioned when suckered in to this form of marketing. I was spell bound by a different such video with the voice, marker and such and ended up buying seeds because they had me believe the world markets were about to crumble!

  • Margo

    I live among with the aged here in Holiday, FL. Having been a LVN in CA, I saw both young and aged in hospitals.

  • Steve

    The story of abolition of slavery is an inspiring one, and the use of empathetic techniques to create that change is instructive. I like the idea of 'empathy museums', but they might cater to those who need them least. We may also need a vehicle to deliver this product across space and time to those who have their heads down, buying things and watching reality TV and driving SUVs every day. Thanks.

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