Now more than ever, people need to have productive conversations about race, stereotyping, crime, and social justice. In this TED talk, financial executive Mellody Hobson urges us to have these hard, awkward, and uncomfortable conversations about race. Let's not be "color blind" and ignore race. Be "color brave" in all aspects of your life. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do because our businesses, education, science, research, and life in general, will be better with greater diversity. "Be color brave so that every child knows that their future matters and that their dreams are possible."


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  • Ken.Hatta

    I saw a Japanese TV program of ETV NHK about TED. And this is impressive positive message from Ms.Mellody. As she says we adults have to be role models for children,our future. Diversity leads society into sustainable style.

  • Jacqui

    Inspiring in so many ways. As a black woman, I enjoyed watching a professional, mature, passionate, and articulate female representative who looks like me! I will be color brave for every child to know they matter and that their dreams are possible.

  • Bilkis yusuf

    Food for thought for all in this world, time to change attitudes before it is too late

  • S V Ramakrishnan

    The colour blind, the whites need the education from early childhood that everyone is human irrespective of the colour. The parents and the schools must teach them to treat everyone as equal and that colour has no place. It is unfortunate even in third world countries like India where there are no whites, such practices of colour and caste are practiced. It is time the world changed.

  • Denine

    Thank you so much Melody for expressing these power words during this speech of becoming color brave. You are such an incredible speaker and your speech touch my heart that I cried. I pray that others heard you and will take heed to what you have said. I will pass this along to all of my friends this excellent TED talk video. Great job !

  • Chris

    This was the most intelligent, articulate speaker I have heard in a long time! She not only made the case for color brave, but also for gender brave. It is so refreshing to hear someone put a fresh idea forward that everyone can embrace. Melody, you are a breath of fresh air and I hope you will continue to let your voice be heard and your thoughts shared...KUDDOS TO YOU!

  • Mannu

    'Being comfortable with the uncomfortable' is an attitude to be developed in the quest for being and reflecting who we are. Mellody has said it well and it is up to us to take up the challenge to be comfortable with the stand we make on various issues without fearing repercussions - jobs; friendships; opportunities; love; sympathy....

  • virginia

    That was so good because I think a lot like her, my Dad was the one the continue telling me you can do whatever you put your mind to. i like that word color brave.

  • Ingrid

    Watching and LISTENING to Mellody gave me shivers, reminded me of discrimination I experience and have experienced because of my 'difference in background' ... Mellody's elegant, candid, excellent and necessary presentation needs to be sent far and wide ... thank you Mellody

  • sarina

    Simply inspiring and powerful, thank you Melody!!!!

  • Sundi

    One of the best TED talks I've heard, probably the very best speaker. Bless Melody for honoring her mother by speaking about race issues so eloquently, and bless Melody's mother for believing in her kids. Unfortunately, a lot of us who are not people of color could have really used a mother like hers.

  • Frances Roges

    My sister was asked to a Birthday Party and then told to go home. She was white but was injured forever. I understand! Being poor, being many things can cause hate. I am so sorry for any pain we cause each other. I do ask all of us to be own own self. You spoke a truth. Now let us all work to change to a better self.

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