A film by Pacha's Pajamas.

Pacha, a young girl from the Andes mountains, dreams of connecting the world through dance. Watch, as her global dance routine spreads, the smiles grow, and the connections take hold around the world. While watching, consider some small acts you can take to spread a deeper connection throughout the world.


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  • Dave

    I love seeing kids all around the world singing and dancing about connectedness

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  • Connect with Pacha and teach your youngster (or yourself) the 10 second "connected" dance. Then help them create a video for the "We Are All Connected" movement. 
  • Read this article about creating empathy. Choose one of the ideas (like listening to music together) to practice over the next week, with yourself, with your family, and with your community. 
  • Share your favorite ideas or tools for teaching young children to connect in the comments section of this video.  

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