Michael Fukumura went to law school almost by default, and became a lawyer for The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Washington, DC, conforming to his parents' and society's expectations of who he should be. Realizing he was not fulfilled by this work, Fukumura and his wife sold everything they had and drove across the United States. This is the story of why Fukumura left and how he found a sense of well-being and a deep calling to be of greater service to others - a way of giving back with passion.


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  • Kathleen

    Michael's courage to follow a path that connects him to a deeper purpose in life!

  • Sweety

    I'm depressed

  • Chrisange

    I found this testimonial very touching and inspiring. To do what Michael did, requires to be trusting enough to transcend or quell the fears within. It requires the kind of knowing that, when we look at the world beyond the prison's bars of our ego-mind that would like us to keep us prisoners, we find our true self and our true purpose.

  • Miguel

    What i noticed is theres no old people in The vídeo as is usual in these days only young people appear on videos of this type as if only they existed.

  • Dirk

    David Pearlman. I could not agree more with you. Vague as it is this video makes me go "oh so no purpose or structure or path is a great way to go!" I can say from personal experience this video lacks any substance and any real insights. I completely agree. Vague as Vague can be. A+ on videograhpy. F---- on any content or sense of reality in any circumstance. No story told, no lessons shared, no heart. This video is a smut piece.

  • claudia

    at age 80 watching this has inspired me...going to TRY

  • Clarissa

    So calming.....beautifully filmed video....master words of wisdom.....be the authentic you.....with gratitude......

  • Brian

    Thanks Team! Great story of finding purpose. Good for Him and all others seeking inner work towards healing...We need it! Peace be with U.

  • David Pearlman

    Yoga is awesome. I try to do it 3-4 times a week and it provides innumerable benefits. That said, this video left me with more questions then answers. He left a job he didn't like in DC to go to Southern California. Great! How did he support himself? Did he know yoga already or did he start yoga when he was there? How did he start teaching? These aren't feel-good questions, but SoCal isn't a cheap place to live, and he provided some of these answers maybe I would be more inspired.

  • Kati

    I loved the way Michael Fukumura reminds us to listen to our inner voice and find our true selves.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Listening to the inner voice .

  • Hannah

    I was inspired by Mr. Fukumura's desire to be of service to others and live a passionate life. I hope to one day find what my passion and give back to the world, in my way.

  • Martin

    I found this whole video but I was most inspired by Mr. Fukumura's courage (and his wife's courage) to undertake a radical change in their lives - and to follow through with that decision.

  • Juan Pa

    Hay mucho en la raza japonesa u oriental en lo que dices. In English you have a very clear and easy to understand language Thanks

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