For three years, Farmer lived among the giants. Farmer, a nature activist, was determined to protect acres of old-growth California redwood trees from clear-cutting. As a tree-sitter, Farmer and his companions — members of Earth First! Humboldt — formed a passive protest by camping out in the redwood trees to stop the Green Diamond Resource Company. Farmer’s thoughts and beliefs, captured on film, reflect his stances on preservation, sacrifice and the continuous struggle in the battle of man versus nature. His passion and determination explain the victory for Earth First! Humboldt and the tract.


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  • sunny day

    My heart goes out to you. THank you for protecting the forest.

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  • Rainhouse Cinema is a film production company with a purpose.
  • Protection for California Redwoods from deforestation has been around for almost a century.
  • Trees serve an important purpose in providing us with a quality of life. Take the time to appreciate them, admire them, and respect them.

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