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Money plays such an integral role in our lives that the idea of living without currency is almost alien. However, Daniel Suelo will beg to differ. Determined to reject the system of capitalism and even bartering, Suelo has removed the concept of currency from his life for fifteen years now. In this short documentary, Suelo examines the aspects of a life without money, sharing his thoughts on living off the land, the gift economy, health, and the biggest blessing he received from this revolutionary lifestyle.


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  • RonAldL.Vaught

    This is person who been through emotional trauma tried find peace in world separate from the idea he formed as the cause of his those he saw who suffered in the society that is business more than a place of communal family. Isolation in crowded city then finding community in nature. He trying at same time finding meaning in his example that his life meant something. I Agree with almost all he believes in, but I have another strategy based on the path I’ve come to know is my destiny. I think he probably given more than he taken even in taxes.

  • Madhu

    But how does society work if we all stop working (be it for money or not) ? How do we make progress as a civilization, make technological progress? My solution to this is that we strive for a good balance between work and being connected with nature, living off the ground. We cultivate passion for the betterment of human kind and we work for it, without the incentive of money. And of course you need to make some money to barter things.

  • Diane P.

    "People often fear what the don't understand, and they hate what they fear." As I watched, I caught myself repeatedly justifying my own choices, and trying to rush to a conclusion, "Is what he is doing good or bad?". Now, I will sit with the ideas and try to understand more and judge less. He is trying to make art with way of living.

  • Ted Jec

    One more thing - Daniel Suelo is the closest with his views to the book The God of Universe - http://tedjec.com/The-God-Of-Universe/ Let me know if I am wrong?

  • Ted Jec

    It is concept of ultimate humanity. I also try similar idea with Free Garden Project: http://www.mna.cc/gardens-oasis Let me know if I am wrong doing creating Free Garden Project.

  • Sel

    Firstly - I'm not judging this at all - but I think there are some shortcomings in this story. Actually - Despite our shortcomings with our relationship with money, money is one of the most singular important conceptual leaps that we have made. I sympathise with this mans ideals, but money enables us to seperate our future dreams and ideas from the present moment. It's just learning to have humility about that that is the great lesson we need - not to just throw out everything. Money represents the whole of the human universe, past present and future. Our relationship with that is a bit perverted at the moment and thats what we need to get back on track. I'm glad that this man could go and study about the ancient religions of the world that lead him to his decision - but im sure im not the only person to point out that all the scholars that wrote those books depended on some kind of reward system in order to be able to write them inorder to influence this mans life. Also - he did not make his glasses nor did he grow the cotton in order to spin the clothes he is wearing. Even if all his possessions were gifted - they still rely on the money economy to be produsced. An interesting story non the less.

  • Marci Babineau

    Duly inspired. I wonder if it is the same for women -- if they are so free to be alone on the road without protection.

  • Kay

    His courage. He is not telling everybody should adopt his way. He just lives his way which is true to him. And his truth makes tons of sense. Good to see that he makes peace with hardships he is willing to face. Not many people can muster enough courage to do even fraction of that. His courage. We all became such a blind slave to our concepts and does not even notice it except when we see someone else break through it. And we watch it with awe or try to make them wrong out of fear that what David saying might be truer than what we are trying to convince ourselves are correct. I do not have as much as David is showing up with, however I am determined to adopt his attitude of gratitude and not wasting and sensitivity for suffering of others.

  • Jenny

    Moving! Look, if we were all living like Daniel, we wouldn't have dumpsters because we wouldn't have a waste society. As far as his glasses, I don't think he is talking about not having innovations, he's talking about living in balance with nature and gratitude.

  • Kate

    Nothing inspired me. How does he like those glasses that many generations of scientists using technology brought him? I doubt those who process the materials to fabricate the components to produce glasses did it because they have a passion for it. Bears eating raspberries and other creatures who rummage through the waste of others don't add to the collective good of life on earth. Money isn't the enemy any more than technology. It's all about self knowledge and balance. If you abuse your tools (ie, Money) you will get undesired results

  • DL

    This guy's philosophy has so many holes. His truth has much surface appeal and that's the stuff cults are built on. Don't get me wrong-I'm very pro-gift economy, I'm just not anti-money (representation of input energy).

  • Gerry

    I think many are missing his message. He calls it an experiment and it clearly shows how our current consumer ways are destroying the planet. We clear do not have gratitude for the trees that give us are, the bees that pollinate our crops, the earth, soils, sun etc.

  • Ahnah

    I agree with this SPIRITUAL Man who is COMPLETELY awake and I HAVE done this and am working on making it back to this way of LIVING... LOVE IT...

  • Willow

    Interesting.....but very disconcerting! All who wonder are not lost but in this case I believe he is lost in delusion!

  • cb

    A society where everyone lived as "Daniel" lives is not possible. Daniel's survival depends upon the society that he criticizes. Imagine the scarcity of dumpster food if we were all scavenging. Point taken, however, that there is value in gratitude, and balanced living.

  • aldjaf

    Oh, and he's taking the "money" from people who worked hard to farm that land. If he wants to live out of a dumpster, fine. Stealing farmers crops = wrong. Stealing healthcare dollars the taxpayers pay for because he chooses not to have a job and work for healthcare = wrong.

  • aldjaf

    He didn't "quit" money. He quit is job. He's accepting the free money from healthcare that we as taxpayers are paying for (and he's not working for, at all...by his choice), housing other people pay for (housesitting), etc.

  • Susannah

    His thoughtprovoking responses to the questions were inspirational. He has a beautiful smile, and appears to be a strong gentle giant. I loved the whole documentary. Thank you so much.

  • Spencer

    His courage is truly in facing himself.. the illusions of self.. of not being good enough. Daniel's words about gratitude move me as well. For those complaining about the music, my suggestion is to listen to Daniel instead of to your mind complaining about the music. The music cannot be the problem.. only one's beliefs about the music.

  • Susan

    I love this but it's obvious he doesn't have a family, kids to support.That totally changes the game.

  • David

    Love this. Think that Daniel brings up some strong, true points about the weaknesses of the capitalist, bartering societies on the planet. however the "reality" is that that is the majority system and how most all think about the energy exchange we call monetary. and so instead of fighting against those systems isn't it better to find ways to implement what Daniel has found out (and others before him, specifically Thoreau) and find ways to make the system more human/animal friendly for all? That seems more of a challenge (speaking of challenges!) than to drop out of society in general. And btw: most Western spiritual teachers who charge $$ charge not because the are greedy but rather due to the necessities of equipment for videos, housing of disciples, space rental for satsangs, books, etc etc.... I mean I notice that Daniel has a blogspot: how does he get the computer and internet service to do that from his tent? SOMEBODY needs to make the goods and services available to give away or loan.....

  • Ruth

    Daniel truly embodies divine inspiration for me. I'm grateful and cherish his thoughtful narrative as wisdom to share with those who are open to know...

  • ken

    What inspired you about this video?his gift of being his true self ,the courage and willingness to express his experiences ,being and living in the world in his true nature. my nature is smiling thank you!

  • Smita

    Not devaluing the gifts of nature bcaz they r free ...

  • James

    I like his example in just isn't generally applicable. A debt based economy is the issue, money itself when simply applied as a means of transaction allows society to function in a wider context, the banks and central banks who use debt to create scarcity is the central issue that is the focus of my concern.

  • Just what Christ said

    Absolutely loved and agreed with his philosophy! Absolutely hated having to use half my mind to filter OUT the friggin "music" in the background!

  • Kristal

    a true prophet...which simply means a person willing to live out his or her convictions. I agree wholeheartedly about the loss in our society of letting people die naturally. I want to be able to live until the point my body shuts down naturally the first time and not keep being taken to the hospital, revived and kept alive for a life that is no longer a life.

  • Rekha

    Sense of gratitude

  • Sandy

    I totally agree with the "new age" music intruding throughout the interview. Is this only a new age message or is it available to everyone?

  • Camilla

    Very inspiring! But PLEASE get rid of The song/music. It totally ruins this important film.

  • Frank

    Daniel is living his philosophy, which is very instructive to me. Can all of humanity live off the land, out of dumpsters, and off the generosity of others? If everyone lived this way, would we have the computer or internet or even the electricity to enable us to view this important video? I think the importance of Daniel's path in life is to teach us to disconnect from the world of money and possessions and ego, but at a spiritual level. If we let go of our ego and let God or Source Energy, we will be naturally motivated to pay it forward, to give rather than to receive and expect nothing in return. While I do not want to physically live as Daniel does, I do very much aspire to the deeper meaning of his walk.

  • Al

    I love the way he spoke and smiled from the heart. I totally agree everything what he said and I hope there are many in this world like him.i love nature myself and travelled around the world and experienced the people's suffering since they have certain desires beyond their limitations.

  • NC Raghava

    Very inspiring ... But the music in the background was distracting ...

  • AH

    Music so annoying. detracts from Daniel's message.

  • satwinder

    Amazing person. So true, honest and open. Thanks for sharing the video. I think we just need to live a middle path - where we know the true meaning of money and don't overindulge and get greedy.

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