What is the essence of giving? It's extending oneself to bring joy, nourishment, or inspiration to the life of another without expectation of reward or recognition. This video reminds us of the simple, everyday acts which make a difference and can be performed by young and old. November 13 is World Kindness Day. How will you celebrate?


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  • Walter Scott

    That's a good idea, but don't look for strangers to whom you can be kind. Charity begins at home. Start with your family or the people around you. Need Assignment Help them do chores, or take responsibility for your own care -- things they usually do for you. Today I did four loads of laundry while my wife was out running errands. That made her day a little easier.

  • Steve

    It's amazing! Now one did anything miraculous, but miracles in peoples lives took place. Inspiring!

  • dianne

    Just inspires me to give even more. So much is returned.. and its not monetary. <3

  • MYC

    give and you connect with essence of love and life! aloha

  • michael hinman

    a moment of realizing who we truly are which is the sons and daughters of god !

  • steve zimmett

    I loved this video and tweeted it

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  • The video's creator, Sevenly.org, was founded in 2011 to lead a new generation toward generosity.  
  • Learn more about the reciprocal benefits of random acts of kindness here.
  • Botlhale Tshetto, who performed 38 random acts of kindness as a birthday gift to herself, has some wonderful ideas. Go and do likewise!

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