​"I do not separate my music from my heart nor do I separate my ideas from my daily life. I open myself up to learning as much as I can about humanity and this mysterious life experience... Moment by moment, I integrate what I learn into my personal life, personalizing my politics. It is from this personal place that I write my songs." Holly Near is an activist, singer-song writer who uses her voice to remind us that we are truly one. In “Souls are Coming Back,” a gorgeous anthem to our planet and those working to save it, Holly leads us on the journey of millenniums – our journey. With each small act, word, touch and thought – she reminds us we co-create our world and lyrically invites us to,"Put in the fantastical, wonderful, magical, add the romantic, the brave and the wild."


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  • Bob Feldman

    What a treat to hear Holly Near after missing her words and voice since the 70's and 80's. She's as powerful and poignant as ever, a real voice of our generation with an inspiring message for us to give light to the darkness and to see the whole picture - millenias and cultures and the future waiting for us to create.

  • Jo Constance

    Her beautiful voice and energy lending such Power, Love and Inspiration to all the Magical, Fantastical, Wonderful, REAL and Truthful messages in the words of this Sacred Message to Mother Earth and the Universe. Halleluh!

  • Sidonie Grace

    Not just the words, it's all of Holly's energy, passion, enthusiasm... sooooooooo communicative!!! Thanks very much for the inspiration, I feel like putting in a little bit more of the fantastical, wonderful, magical... Namasté!

  • Amy Bennett

    one of the things that inspired me was the strength of Holly's voice! I know these people of who she sings! they are my friends. Today, in my prayer time while driving to work {I drive about 150 miles a week in a rural county in Ohio} I sent out a request to the universe that i be open a attentive to the gifts of those who have gone before me, family members and others who have died/crossed over. Then, while listening to this song, Holly proclaims, "Souls are coming back!" YES! Inspiration abounds!

  • Jim Sigler

    Holly Near's song reminded me of a quote from Joe Strummer: Are you taking over Or Are you taking orders Are you going backwards Or are you moving forwards

  • Dee

    when I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, I was able to attend a number of Holly's concerts. I always hated when her performance ended. I never got enough of her. She is so incredibly inspiring. I now live in Georgia and miss her terribly.

  • Jean

    So moving. So hopeful. It is our anthem. Thank you, Holly.

  • Karuna

    I loved, LOVED being included as someone struggling to survive (and look for ways to thrive) while living with serious illness that seems to separate me from others, activism and contribution to the whole. To hear my own thoughts, that by focusing on healing for myself, I AM contributing to the whole...that was wonderful to hear from such a popular and wise singer. Thank you Holly.

  • Iris curteis

    Holly's words! Well said, well sung. Thank you.

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    Thank you Holly for reminding us. Doing everything with all of your heart, all of your love and gratitude for life, is what we all came here to do, in spite of the darkness. We are all the seed of God planted in the good earth, reaching for the light, growing with all our intention. I know we can do it...I am...

  • mark

    Truth from the heart. We are amazing.

  • Cindy

    Incredible message, artistry, insight. We need to take a his to heart and act on it!

  • Carol in DC

    This video was inspirational in two ways. First, it's a lovely reminder that many small actions can have a large impact; it's not someone else's responsibility to care for the planet, it's mine, and yours and ours. Second, remembering Holly's activism from several decades ago, it's also an inspiration to work keep working for change as long as their is life and breath. Thank you, Holly!

  • Tesa Silvestre

    I love this song. Nipun, this brings back good memories from the Tipping Point Network days :) Really happy to see this here! I have heard this song so many times via mp3 but never had a chance to actually watch it before.

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