Mother (Gail Mooney) and daughter (Erin Kelly) traveled the world for 99 days to capture the stories of 11 people who are making a difference in the world. This trailer for the film, "Opening Our Eyes," gives us a glimpse into these change makers and shows us that they are not very different from you and me.


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  • Vinanti Sarkar

    As the Founder/President of VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE & VOWW-TV at ... strong voices for and of the "voiceless" ... spreading across 140+ countries around the world, it is exceptional to share this KarmaTube video with all my 3,000+ friends on Facebook and social media ...

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  • Find out more about the change makers profiled in this film that show us the "power of one."
  • Listen to Maggie Doyne, featured in "Opening Our Eyes," talk about how she became A 23 Year Old Mother of 30.
  • Do you know an everyday hero? Tell someone his or her story.

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