Most of the children in this school have never owned a toy or watched television, but they are provided a violin when they enter the school as kindergarteners. The Gandhi Ashram School, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, targets the poorest, most disadvantaged, children in the area. Not only is the school a ticket to music and education, but it is a ticket out of generational poverty, as evidenced in this video. "Music is with you when you are frustrated. Music is with you when you are alone. Music is with you when you are happy. Music is with you every time, every time of your life...Music is a friend for life."


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  • Roshan Kedar

    "I'll choose Mozart." Perfectly captured, edited, crafted and presented. Danny and Sehran, Hats off to this masterpiece. And all the best for your one way journey.

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  • Learn more about the Gandhi Ashram School in Kalimpong, India.
  • Watch "An Orchestra Making a Difference" to see how "El Sistema" has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of poor children in Venezuela.
  • Ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument?  It is never too late; and it is good for you!

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