Music produced by Leebo, additional production by OkaiMusik, female vocals by Bridget Barkan.

This song and music video is an international collaboration of artists, organizations and governments to educate the youth in the Caribbean Islands of St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Antigua/Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, to respect marine life. New York based Hip Hop artist Chad Harper (Famus) joined 2 of St. Lucia's most famous Soca music artists, Ambi and J Mouse, to create "This Is Who We Are." The project was initiated by PCI Media Impact and funded by The Nature Conservancy with a grant from the German Government. "This Is Who We Are" will be featured on television and radio in all 6 islands to launch a 6 month campaign of ocean awareness.


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  • Sara

    Fun, catchy song, with images of happy, smiling, dancing and singing children and people in the community, and the occasional shot of the beautiful waters of the ocean. I would have liked to see images of both the singers and the community putting the words into action and actually engaged, showing concern for the ocean, like picking up garbage along the coast, etc. Using music and dance is great to generate interest and excitment, but it must go beyond that. Nonetheless, congratulations of the initiative!

  • Gloria

    I love it! The smiles and energy of the beautiful children and the jewel-colored waters made my heart swell. I couldn't help but smile, smile, smile.

  • Joni

    The people's smiles and the beautiful ocean.

  • emanueol boyd

    The fact that The ordinary people of the West Indies are actually participating in preserving Our most valuable resources.

  • Chad Harper

    Carolyn, great idea. Here is my email. Shoot me an email and I'll let you know when it's avail.

  • Carolyn

    Any chance of selling the song on iTunes...I would buy it in a heart beat. The song and the beautiful Caribbean people just makes me smile.

  • Sean

    Love this production! Wonderful artists and a playful message. Thanks Ambi, JMouse and Famus!! Thanks TNC for sharing this Caribbean anthem! #ThisIsWhoWeAre

  • Chad Harper

    Big shout out to Sean from Media Impact for bringing me in on this project! What a great experience it was to work with Ambi and J Mouse. Alleyne thx for you hospitality brother! Ruth thx for your vote of confidence!!! #thisiswhoweare

  • Anne Nwokoye

    It's inspiring to me whenever anyone goes out of their way to look around them and see how they might like to make their environment more clean or more beautiful. The people in this video are beautiful just as they are in body, mind and spirit. I love to see them and I wish the video will help all peoples feel connected to one another and to their environments. We are all so precious and life is only better for all when we know this.

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  • "Tell a story, change the world." Find out how PCI Media Impact uses entertainment to educate and inspire communities to change their world for the better.
  • Art is also a powerful tool for education. Watch "Washed Ashore" - Angela Pozzi's project to raise awareness of marine debris and plastic pollution through art.
  • Pick up the trash you see around you every day. If you live by the shore, participate in an annual coastal cleanup.

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