This film is like a warm hug with its focus on LOVE - something that we all know and share. Love has no boundaries, love has no prejudices, love has no labels. This simple message relates to all of us and has been grasped like a banner to wave in the face of bias and judgment. 'Love has no Labels' is a progressive campaign that embodies diversity & inclusion and ultimately challenges us to challenge ourselves.


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  • Kathia Jansson

    El Amor Verdadero es belo. Vamos pedir a Dios que nos conceda, en nuestro corazon, un Amor todavia mayor, verdadero, universal y que no tenga preconcecho de nada, nada. El Amor es la mayor fuerza que existe en este nuestro belo Universo... Para todo, todo, se tivermos este Amor, con el conseguiremos lo que deseamos, sin duda. Tiene que ser puro.. Vamos introducirlo dentro de nuestro corazon. Hagamos eso quando en Oracion.. todo depende de nuestra decision.. porque el corazon es nuestro, si ? Y despues de lo introducirmos, ya esta...puede irse para adonde quieras.. con El Amor dentro de tu corazon... Las personas sentiran tu transformacion. Y despues, demos gracias a Dios por todo lo que nos aconteca. Viva el Amor !!!

  • Dianne

    What didnt it inspire

  • sarah macdiarmid

    so beautiful, so true. We all know this deep down, but some are too scared to admit it. there is hatred that is unleashed in the world, so those of us who won't spread it, must keep spreading love! Darkness is only where the light is not, so spread the light, spread the love, when ever you can!! Thank you lovely people who made this.

  • shelly

    this 'love keeps me warm' is PERFECT---for Valentine's Day and every day. . .thank u!

  • Judith Brunk

    It is the beauty of each couple and their comfort showing their love and care of each other. Thank you

  • steve zimmett

    Another great video from Karma Tube. Love keeps me warm

  • Michelle

    This video almost makes me tear up! I love it so much and you can feel the love from the video. We need to keep remembering that love is love and that we are ALL humans.

  • Harold

    Love transcends any approval.

  • Robbye

    Open your hearts and it will open your minds! Life should simply be people ACCEPTING ALL others. Period. It is sad that one religion has to feel superior to another. Sad some men feel more entitled than women. Sad that some whites feel they are better than blacks. It is all too sad. Unnecessary. A strong nation, religion, nationality, sexual preference group, gender should all believe we are ALL EQUAL and Love is Love. Life would be better. It is that simple. Tuck away egoes. Throw out preconceived ideas and stereotypes. Start your soul anew. We are all equal and love is love! Thank you for making this video!

  • Sheila Edwards

    lovely heartwarming film

  • Velda

    The love expressed by one beautiful soul to another, no barriers, no labels, all equal. Thank you sooooo much.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I love this every time! <3 here's to love beyond any stereotype. here's to loving no matter who we are are what we look like!<3

  • Al Milo

    The bare-bones message I got from this ideo is that deep down inside we are all the same and that we all want to love and to be loved.

  • Jeanne-Sylvie

    There is hope in this world friends!!

  • Annie

    Love! How beautiful!!

  • Charlotte Barnes

    everything , beauty and truth always impressive , always resonate

  • Deepak

    Awesome . Thank you . Love is beautiful .

  • Anne mullen

    These beliefs can,and will, conquer the great divides in the world!

  • Cindy

    The most beautiful and meaningful performance piece ever.

  • Amy

    How true! Love is the unification of the human condition, love can heal the world and love of all things living can protect our water and Mother Earth.

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    Now is the time to organize a world march with these principles...thank you -what a blessing of faith and hope..."and the greatest of these is LOVE"

  • John

    I want to watch this at least once a year.

  • Lori

    What a beautiful and inspired video.

  • Alexis


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  • We have been conditioned to make snap judgments about others. Be the Change and try to catch yourself in these moments. Replace your judgments with the notion that 'before anything else, we are all human'.

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