Gratitude is generative. In this talk at the Greater Good Science Center, ServiceSpace Founder, Nipun Mehta, illustrates the viral nature of gratitude with stories from Karma Kitchen, Berkeley, a pay-it-forward restaurant run by volunteers where at the end of the meal, your bill reads $0.00. How do we move from a capitalist system of transaction to trust? Listen to Nipun's experiments in creating an ecosystem in which "we are enough."


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  • Anita

    That one simple act of kindness can morph into many other single acts of kindness. No encouragement needed happens naturally and opens our hearts.

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  • Read more incredible stories of kindness at Karma Kitchens all over the world.
  • Learn more about the Greater Good Science Center at the University of Berkeley, dedicated to the science of a meaningful life.
  • Perform an anonymous act of kindness and encourage the recipient to pay-it-forward by leaving behind a Smile Card.

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