There are those among us who have the passion and the dedication to face-up to awesome challenges that, when overcome, make the world a better, more beautiful place. This film is a portrait of one such man, one such passion, and one such beauty. Follow flamenco guitarist Juan Ramírez and the spark that burns within him to ignite the fiery rhythms and smoldering melodies of Spanish flamenco. "Flamenco is a hard music, because it comes from the gut," says Ramírez. "I have a responsibility to share what I have lived."


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  • RAJU


  • Flamenco Sydney

    A beautifully captured doco - honest and humble. Ole Juan Ramirez wow!

  • Ian Richardson

    Wonderful music, singing & dancing. Juan Ramirez is passionate about the art of Flamenco, as are the beautiful dancers. Makes one want to get up & try to move your feet that fast. Until I listened to this video, I didn't realize that the Flamenco guitar music could be so relaxing & enjoyable. Thank you Juan Ramirez for your splendid playing.

  • emanuel boyd

    Senior Ramirez has obviously immersed himself in the passion and spirit of this most unique music art form. His demonstrated commitment and dedication is not just for entertainment, I get sense that Senior Ramirez has embarked himself upon a pilgrimage to enlighten and revive both his people, and the world, relevant to the Passion; spirituality; reverence and sacredness of "Flamenco"

  • Will Richardson

    Beautiful clean precise guitar playing and the intensity of the dancing...peerless...

  • Fran

    Music (flamenco) as a responsibility: You have to be willing go expose yourself, to share what you have lived, your moments of suffering and your moments of happiness. I've also liked the idea of working to learn, flamenco as a long life experience. Even though I'm Spanish, I live in the north of Spain and we are barely related to this kind of "gipsy" music. Great video, thank you for sharing.

  • Shivajyoti Pal

    His single minded dedication to learn and becoming better in playing the flamenco. I liked the statement: You can never learn it completely.

  • Cindy

    Keeping flamenco alive is a gift to the world! Thankyou!!

  • Rogerio da Silva

    The awesomeness and kindness of sharing the knowledge and participate of an energetic way of life as lifestyle is inspiring. Well done Juan Ramirez and all the others that appear on this video. Is truly inspiration.

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  • This film is part of a curriculum in multicultural studies presented by the Global Oneness Project.  Learn more about the cross-cultural origins of flamenco from their lesson plan.
  • Spanish poet and playwright â€‹Federico García Lorca wrote frequently about the Andalusian Roma culture that gave voice to flamenco.  Read his poem "La Guitarra".
  • What passion -- great or small - do you hold that might enrich the world?  Pursue it!

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