Religious and sectarian violence occurs throughout the world and is particularly prevalent in Northern Nigeria. But the seeds of change may emerge from the next generation that can work to end senseless sectarian violence. Watch this video to learn about a program that brings together Muslim and Christian adolescent girls to bridge the divide and advocate for peace.


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  • Towanda Allen

    Peace, forgiveness and unconditional love is the ONLY way no matter what you believe & stay blessed!

  • Matthew Villarreal

    Whatever we believe or don't believe, we can still talk with one another and understand each other without hate. We all have the choice to choose our path, and every soul is doing its best to come closer to Source.

  • Patjos

    Peace will come.

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  • The two girls featured in the video, Janet and Mariam, have gone on to work closely together as activists. Learn about what they are doing and think of ways you can help them.
  • Volunteer or work with Search for Common Ground, the NGO that organized the program where Janet and Marian met.
  • Human diversity is everywhere. Make a conscious effort to reach out to someone in your community that practices a different religion and get to know more about them and their culture.

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