A film by Ellie Walton.

Discover the story of Aruna, who's journey speaks of the transformative power of love and service. Aruna grew up in a poor leprosy community in India and, like so many other kids growing up in the harsh reality of a slum, did not believe in her dreams or that much good would come from her life, other than a prescribed arranged marriage. That was, until, she met Jayesh Patel, co-founder of Manav Sadhna, an NGO based on the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India, who recognized and nurtured her potential as a leader. His belief inspired Aruna to take her education and life more seriously, and to take a more active role in her community's affairs. As a result, she is now one of a handful of young women — the first in the community's history — who successfully enrolled in college, who actively volunteer, and who have opened up an entirely new path for girls growing up. This film gives the viewer a privileged insight into a humble corner of the world in Ahmedabad India. It also reveals that no matter where you are from, you can bring about change through compassionate service and can grow from the love that it brings.


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  • navin singal

    Aruna nice girl.God bless her.

  • Christopher Lowman

    On behalf of Ellie (filmmaker) and Aruna, thank you for sharing your thoughts and positive inspirations. We look forward to continuing the journey a little later this year with another "Dream Class" and perhaps even taking the film on the road in India. Thank you to Karma Tube for sharing our story.

  • Khanna

    Beautiful. Stunningly beautiful from the inside to the outside.

  • Dr Manju

    I felt too much for these girls and community and want to help them.

  • Harpreet

    This is really a glowing affirmation of the people who helped Aruna and provided the support system and to Aruna herself... I am sure that it took a lot of courage and love... This story just touches my heart... :-) I wish lots of love and blessings to this project. Harpreet

  • John Potts

    This is sooo wonderful. Just the kind of thing I am trying to promote. Am posting on social media for sure.www.compassionsolutions.com

  • Trishna

    Such a beautiful unfolding over the past several years, thank you for sharing Aruna's story and the story behind how the community transformed itself through acts of love.

  • Chandni

    Thank you! The power of love and life of a service is just so beautiful =)

  • Drishti

    Aruna is very very inspiring and I feel so previlaged that I was able to meet her few days ago :)

  • Premilla

    To see love, light and hope in a community otherwise destined to perish in poverty and shame is a lesson for each one of us to grow beyond our limitations and in so doing to reach out with seeds of hope, love, compassion to others less fortunate. A beautifully documented story of a young woman with a mission to save her community. Sending love and blessings to Aruna and all those inspired to do their share in their communities.

  • Tamilyn

    Aruna you are an inspiration to all ..I am grateful to be part of your circle ..Much Love

  • Towanda M. Allen

    What a blessing and a aha moment. We where blessed to come from humble beginning, not as humbled, what a wonderful reminder. We came from the projects when it was a community, not the Getto! When people where fighting for their children to get out to make something out of their lives and be better people. We didn't have much. I don't remember a day we didn't eat or someone in the community was feeding one another. Never out of shame, always looking out for one another, honoring what we had and taking great care of the things we did have! I thank all the people in the video for reminding us what Community is all about! I will never forget and stay blessed! Towanda M. Allen

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Briefly in a few words , the power of love and it shows the change which love can bring about . Aruna vividly illustrates what love can bring about . She represents the growing aspirations of the young in India who want to change their lives irrespective from where they come from . This is an inspirational film and should be circulated more widely .

  • Mel

    What beautiful and inspiring story! So wonderful to see this happening and great courage for this young woman to make a difference in other woman lives.We forget how easy our own lives are sometimes and this story really shows that dreams do a nd can come true!

  • Ram Gadre

    Very good project.More and more people to see and get inspired.

  • Rishi

    I appreciated the way the film maker made the video.

  • Cindy

    Sometimes you just need a little encouragement. Kudos to all those who provide it.

  • kapil

    Simplicity with good intentions always attracts people

  • Steve

    People with so little yet they continue to persevere not just to better their own lives but other lives too.They are spiritual beings pretending to be human beings...even Shri Krishna will bow to them with reverence.....Hari Aum... as a South African is there some way we can help? Can you provide us with banking details?

  • don smith

    So much to overcome (poverty, outcast status, shame, gender bias...) but Aruna shows that through love all things are possible. Love and goodness are diffusive of themselves, just like the seeds in the metaphor. Thank-you so much for the film. Great work Ellie, Aruna and everyone who took part.

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  • "Service just because" - Learn more about Living Smile (featured in this film) and its sustainable development initiatives which aim to alleviate poverty, support change and improve lives.
  • "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". Inform yourself about the beautiful values and work of Manav Sadhna.
  • Sow your own seeds of love. Do something small (or big) for someone in your neighborhood. It could be cooking a meal, weeding the garden, giving a shoulder rub or just listening to someone who needs to talk. What effect does your service have?

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