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12,000 animals come through the doors of the Humane Society of Utah every year, all of which are in need of a new and loving home. Help has come in the form of an unlikely team member, a photographer who is working wonders at uniting man and his best friend. Guinnevere Shuster's "photo booth" style portraits do a much better job of capturing the personalities of the dogs than standard snapshots, resulting in over 90% of the dogs finding their forever homes.  


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  • Linda

    Using technology to give love, hope and happiness to these wonderful souls! We all know what it feels like to be "judged" at a glance. This opens peoples eyes and hearts and ultimately the doors of their homes to provide a home. :)

  • Carolyn Christopher

    The love, the love, the love!!!!!!!!

  • Esther

    I wholeheartedly agree with every comment. Not much to addd, but wanted you to know your video touched me as well. Thanks to 'DailyGood.org' for sharing it on their website to get the word out. I am so glad that it has been successful for you, the dogs and adoptions. A win-win-win situation. Best of luck to you and hope other photographers in other parts of the country will think about doing the same.

  • Sherry

    Such a creative way to find homes for dogs. Will there be one for cats in the future.? So heartwarming to know there are caring people out there.

  • Mary

    photos, showing the photographer at work, story of success in voice over.

  • Linda

    Everything! So true that you really don't see the real dog behind bars of a cage - Awesome! Kleenex time.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Fantastic! Yes! Here's to showing the real personality of the pups and to the power of social media to make the connections!

  • Priscilla King

    I'm glad for any dogs and cats who find permanent homes. I wish this photographer were working independently of HSUS, though!

  • Rupert

    I was very touched by it, and had tears in my eyes as I watched it :) Wonderful to hear tyhat the Humane Society is able to get so many dogs adopted, bless them :)


    You video show me that angels are alive and well on this precious planet, with news about the heartless dentist killing Cecil, it is so wonderful to hear about folks like you doing god's work. May you be showered with abundance and love forever.

  • Victoria

    This is so beautiful and so touching. You can truly sence the sweetness and the character within each dog. Thank you for making these great angel companions more 'transparent' and accessible . A real gift to everyone!

  • cheryl

    My latest canine companion was a rescue I dream of her still This is a very kind imaginative way of showing character of a future companion attention humor expressiveness I wish everybody happy forever homes filled with most of all care

  • Cindy

    Love love love this idea as well as the people behind the idea! Lucky dogs! Kudos for such a devoted effort, obviously a successful effort. 😊💛🐶

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