Chris Rosati doesn't have long to live and he isn't wasting any time. He understands that every action he makes has a ripple effect, setting into motion a chain of events that magnifies over time. He focuses on small acts of kindness which not only instantly bring about joy and happiness but will eventually have a profound impact on the world at large. This is the power we all have. His message inspires us to use our ability to create positive change today and not to wait until our days are numbered.


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  • A. Campbell

    You only go around once so going out with love, kindness, and laughter is the way to go. You see a strength to take each day as it comes. Because today is all anyone has.

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  • Enjoy a Chris Rosati movie-marathon with 'A Fathers Gift'  and "Live Fearless.' Be inspired by his strength, his story and his family.
  • Watch this insightful video that demonstrates The Butterfly Effect by using examples of our own history. It speaks of our interconnectedness and how our actions creates enormous change in our world.
  • Take part in the 'Kindness Blitz' on Jan 20th organised by Rosati's Inspire MEdia network. Effect massive change through small acts of kindness. Flutter those wings Butterflies!

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