Home for Life is an animal sanctuary that welcomes animals of all ages and abilities. Rescuing sick or aging pets from being put down, the shelter gives a home to over 200 animals -- dogs, cats and more. In addition to giving these animals a new start, Home for Life also brings the animals into their local community and shares them with children who have faced violence and abuse. The children and the animals both have known difficulty and a healing bond of empathy grows between them. At Home for Life, the animals are teachers of connection and compassion and are given a chance to share their gifts with those who need it.


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  • Harvey Chess

    The embodiment of life at its finest. The shame is that so few of us experience this...

  • Kath

    There is nothing more pure in this world than the love and healing powers of an animal. As I watched this film I realized that there are no disabilities in the animal world, but more different abilities.

  • Mish

    Blossoming & thriving with Love ❤️. So beautiful .

  • debby Lattanzio

    I feel the same as Lisa does about animals. This is a great achievement that I wish that I could do. Thank you for sharing. All animal stories make me cry as I lost my Charlie almost 3 months ago to cancer

  • Deepak

    Thank you . it was beautiful .

  • Gerri

    SOOO beautiful. God bless all the people who put in so much time, work, commitment, and love into helping all these babies, human AND animal.

  • Michelle Pillow

    I LOVE THIS. Made me teary and happy. Thank you to the caring people who take the time to care. <3

  • Corinna

    Just beautiful.To see such kindness, such empathy for these wonderful animals and their connection with those innocent and beautiful children, brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy, to know that God's Angels are certainly among us 😊

  • Connie

    What a wonderful video.

  • colleen

    I love animals and kindness goes hand and hand!

  • Kay

    We think of dogs, cats, and other animals to visit the sick and elderly but what a great idea for abused children!

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  • Many animal shelters share the mission of a Home For Life and give their animals a home through their natural life. Volunteer at a no-kill shelter near you.
  • Wildlife Associates, a shelter for injured wildlife, also understands how animals can serve as teachers and healers. Check out the film Teach Me to Be Wild to learn more their work.
  • Volunteer to bring animals to people who most need this healing connection. Pet Partners shares animals with hundreds of schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

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