Founder of ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Club, Sabrina Ma transformed her school with small acts of kindness. The club regularly performs creative random acts of kindness, including a kindness flash mob of smiles, hugs and connection. She started ARK with only ten fellow students but these kind acts soon inspired over 300 students to join in on the fun. The club even rippled beyond her school; soon after, 27 other schools started their own ARK clubs. Tagging each other with compliments, surprising fellow students with generosity, ARK imbues the school with positivity and joy.


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  • Christy

    this is such a beautiful demonstration of how young people (and older ones as well...) can take small steps to brighten the day of so many - with just a little bit of intention.

  • Becky

    I love that this is taken from someone who needed to feel better and is now changing the lives of so many. Kindness is something we need to always share. Thank you! What an inspiration.

  • Kitty McGinnis

    Action instead of noting!

  • Deepak

    Awesome , Beautiful and Inspirational . A much needed Inspiration of love in today's world . Thank you so much .

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Great one. When we find some purpose serving others, then having joy and meaning can be part of our life journey. Let's be encouraged. Peace on Earth.

  • Michael Stilinovich

    Wonderful, Spreading much more than kindness, they're spreading Love!!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I love how kindness and reaching out can turn it around! Wonderful how it went from 10 to 300 students involved! PS. Random Acts of Kindness has been around for perhaps 25 years at this point, which is awesome! Fabulous to see it spread to a new generation. PPS that flash mob reminds me a lot of Improv Everywhere's Experiments. Yay!

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  • Visit Random Acts of Kindness for hundreds of ideas to inspire you to spread kindness wherever you are!
  • Take on a 21-day Kindness Challenge! Make kindness and gratitude a habit and join others in completing an act of kindness each day for 21 days.  
  • Share a Smile Card with a stranger. After doing an act of kindness, leave the card behind to encourage them to pay-it-forward.

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