For thousands of years, the Batwa made their home in the rainforest of Southwestern Uganda, their unique culture interwoven with that of the forest. Everything changed in 1991 when the Ugandan government, in the name of conservation, evicted the Batwa from the rainforest. Dispossessed, the Batwa now live at the fringes of Uganda's society, unable to return to their ancestral home. This film follows three generations of the Kabwana family and documents the Batwa Experience program's efforts to preserve their culture and transmit their forest traditions to the new generation.


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  • Meiling

    The Batwa are part of the forest, protectors of the land and the wildlife. They should never have been removed from their home. Goes for every other peaceful indigenous group.

  • Jyoti

    In the name of progress we give up peace and connection with heart and extended connections to many hearts. We do live CIVILIZED life and find different ways of soul searching, still never ok with the way we are! I wish I was born then! Sounds very odd, but I do appreciate the way they were one with nature.

  • Mel

    Culture is so important, a sense of belonging and a connection to our past. What admirable work these people are doing to maintain their culture and pass it down to other generations.

  • Abdulaziz Moledina

    Conserve trees and forests and destroy the communities that live there? Twisted minds making policies???? Guarantee you, the next time you visit that place there will be no trees/forest. The loggers would destroy the eco-system uninterrupted and the politicians would bank millions and spend time talking how rich they are!

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  • Volunteer remotely with an organization that works for the well-being and empowerment the Batwa community, such as Kellermann and Redemption Song Foundations.
  • Learn more about the Batwa petition to the Ugandan government to recognize their status and rights. 
  • Support local communities in Africa by purchasing hand-made, fair trade products.

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