Since 1997, Maya Pedal has been focused on sustainable development in Guatemala but locals were handed control in 2001. Recycling bicycles from the USA and Canada to create Bicimaquinas or pedal-powered machines is one of the ways the organization benefits the developing nation. But it wasn't always easy. In this video, director Mario Juarez shares how the program kept getting rejected by the local communities, while also demonstrating the perseverance it took to create a positive impact.


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  • Nishank C

    Very inspiring! A pure example of innovation.

  • Chad

    Love this!!!

  • Chris Kelly

    this is what its all about. vision - more than just transportation - using pedal power for utilitarian means with a zero carbon footprint.

  • Steve

    Just like Homer, the protagonist in "The Ugly American". A great program.

  • Wes Thomas

    Reminds me of Gandhi and his spinning wheels

  • satyagrahi

    Wow! All about community and nothing about climate change!

  • MaryLynne

    Benevolent motivation, ingenuity, recycling, and the benefits for those who had the courage to be open to and acceptant of new ways of doing!

  • Micahel

    People getting exercise while meeting their energy needs to do their work.

  • Mohan NIshtala

    Perseverance added with innovation

  • Jo Sanders

    Their tribe, working together and helping each other... nothing better in this life!

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  • What is something you can do this week to reduce your energy footprint or invent for the benefit of others?

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