With grace, humor and passion, Maysoon Zayid shines a light on what it is like to live with a disability, in her case, cerebral palsy. A writer, actor, comedian and relentless advocate for all who are disabled, she grew up with the benefit of parents who believed everything is possible, for her as well as for her siblings. She works tirelessly to ensure that there are more positive images of people with disabilities in the media and in the world in general, a very serious cause which she promotes with her signature humor.


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  • Ed Wetzel

    Maysoon: I think that might have been the most insightful, self-reflecting, and inspiring 15 minutes that I've ever been privileged to hear someone speak. Thank you.

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  • Learn more about Maysoon and her work.
  • Discover how designing for disability can benefit everyone. 
  • When you meet someone who appears to have a disability, do you see a person or a disability first? Work on seeing the person, first and always.

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